Best Non-Steam Games to Play on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is the latest portable gaming device from Valve, and while it’s primarily designed for playing games on Steam, it’s also capable of running non-Steam games. In this article, we’ll delve into the best non-Steam games that you can enjoy on your Steam Deck. Get ready for an amazing gaming experience! The Steam Deck … Read more

Gulikit Kingkong 2 Pro vs 8bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth

KingKong 2 Pro and 8Bitdo Ultimate BT

With my constant search perfect controller, two new third-party controllers have emerged as as interesting choices: the Gulikit KingKong2 Pro and the 8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth. Both of these third-party options boast Hall Effect sensors, which promise to eliminate stick drift and increase the longevity of the thumbsticks. In this review, we’ll put these two controllers … Read more

Steam Refunds Time Limits

Steam introduced its refund policy on June 2, 2015. This policy allows users to request refunds for games, DLC, and in-game purchases under certain conditions. Let’s answer some common questions. Is there a time limit on Steam refunds? Yes, there is a time limit on Steam refunds. In order to be eligible for a refund, … Read more

Digital Handpands – Oval, Lumen, Neotone, WavePan

Digital handpans are an exciting development in the world of electronic percussion instruments, offering a unique combination of traditional handpan aesthetics and modern technology. These innovative instruments have captured the attention of both professional musicians and amateur enthusiasts alike. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of digital handpans, exploring their history, functionality, … Read more

How to Change Your Browser Fingerprint: A Guide

change my browser fingerprint

In an era where our online privacy is constantly under threat, the importance of keeping our online activities secure and anonymous cannot be overstated. One sneaky way that websites and advertisers track users is through browser fingerprinting. This article will dive deep into what browser fingerprinting is, and outline a creative and effective guide to … Read more

eTail.Market – is it legit? new game store

As the world of e-commerce continues to expand, the concept of electronic retail, or eTail, has gained significant traction. One such platform that has emerged in the digital game world is eTail.Market. In this article, we will dive into the history, features, and security measures of eTail.Market, as well as how to purchase digital game … Read more

Is Keymailer legit? Comprehensive Review

As a content creator or a gaming enthusiast, you may have come across Keymailer, a platform that connects gamers with game developers and publishers. In today’s world of numerous online scams, it’s crucial to verify whether a service like Keymailer is legit or not. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the various aspects of Keymailer, … Read more

Keyboards with Hall Effect switches [GUIDE]

Hall Effect keyboard switches are an alternative to traditional mechanical switches like Cherry and Kailh. Although first introduced in 1968, they were initially thought to be expensive and difficult to manufacture, limiting their popularity. However, advancements in production methods have made them more accessible and cost-effective. Hall Effect switches differ from mechanical and optical switches … Read more

Potentiometer vs hall effect sensor in joysticks

controller with magnetic joystick

Before we compare alps joysticks and hall effect joysticks, let’s begin with explaining what are potentiometers and hall effects sensors in game controllers. In game controller joysticks, a potentiometer and a hall effect sensor can both be used to measure the position of the joystick. A potentiometer (used in the “ALPS joysticks”) works by sensing … Read more