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Best Cheap Electric Guitar for Rocksmith

Rocksmith is legendary. It gives you the opportunity to have a lot of fun grinding out some cool riffs on your rocking electric guitar. You can grab your favorite ax and show the world you have what it takes to pump out some amazing tunes. But which is the best cheap electric guitar for Rocksmith? This will probably depend on a few different factors.

If you are considering that you only need a guitar for getting through the game and you are never likely to play guitar again, then it is probably not worth investing too heavily, so a guitar from a second-hand shop will do. If you are serious about continuing on then there are options that will provide you with a guitar that you will be able to use while you really build up some skills. Alternatively, you can choose something in between that will give you a good enough quality sound so that you have a little time to make up your mind if guitar playing is going to be your thing.

We have pulled together a list to help you choose the best cheap electric guitar for Rocksmith. These are four of the best for different reasons and we hope it gives you a good starting point for making your choice.

Recommended by the Rocksmith creators

Ubisoft included the Epiphone Les Paul as part of the Rocksmith bundle so clearly, they thought it was a good guitar for playing the game. This guitar has been named after its original designer, who developed a guitar back in the 1950s that altered the world of electric guitars forever. This is a classic style that plays well, and will be a good guitar for learning some skills and looking cool at the same time. It is available at an affordable price and they are known to be a reliable guitar.

The beginners model

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC12 Electric Guitar is recognized across the industry as one of the best entry level guitars that you can find. Yamaha has a great reputation for producing guitars of reliable quality and the sound is not too bad either. This model has an alder body, a rosewood fingerboard, and a maple neck. It is an easy to use and comfortable guitar that is very good value for money.

The keen to keep going model

Jackson JS Series Monarkh SC JS22 has a quilt maple top with a red starburst that looks amazing. There is a graphite reinforced maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard with some very cool looking sharks fin inlays. This might be an affordable guitar but it is good enough for an advanced player. It has great tone and is easy to play. If you are thinking of carrying on playing after Rocksmith then this could be the one for you. Jackson also has some very cool guitar shapes such as the King V JS32, so if you are a bit more of an exhibitionist you can really get that rocking guitar player look.

The more serious guitar player model

The Ibanez range of guitars is very well known for its quality. They produce guitars across a spectrum of levels and have been making them since 1957. They have a good reputation in the industry for quality and being able to produce a pretty decent sound. You can choose a guitar with a low action that makes it easier to play and you can be confident that the quality of the guitar will be good. You can try the Ibanez RG450DX which has a classic rock design that has been popular since the 1980s with a maple neck, mahogany body, and a rosewood fretboard with sharks tooth inlay.


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