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Every day, many people use files with the PDF extension. We read user manuals, reports and books. Reading these types of documents on a computer, smartphone or tablet is obvious. We use special software for this. However, if we want to read a favorite book, we should choose a reader for PDF files.

If we like to read a lot, we probably know how annoying it is to take a stack of books with you. They are heavy, take up a lot of space, in short – they are not practical. That is why electronic counterparts of traditional books were created. Many so-called e-books are saved with the PDF extension. Thanks to this, we can run such a file on virtually any device: from a smartphone, through a tablet, to a computer. That is why many publishers decide to publish books in this format. So if you read a lot of books in electronic editions, it’s worth choosing a reader for PDF files. Of course, usually e-book readers can also read virtually all types of extensions.

What is a PDF file?

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a file format developed by Adobe. It is already… 25 years old, since it was developed exactly June 15, 1993. It is mainly used for the presentation of content. This is not the best format for e-books, but we can find a lot of books saved in PDF. First of all, its advantage is that it works on any platform, so if your favorite title is saved, e.g. in a virtual cloud, we can read it on a smartphone, tablet or computer – regardless of the operating system installed. However, PDF is very specific. First of all, its edition is problematic. This is because the authors wanted to prepare a format that would look perfect in print. Hence the restrictions on editing. In the case of books scanned and added to PDF, we can get irritated when we enlarge the text. It may turn out to be very illegible, which is not the case with other formats, e.g. ePUB or MOBI. PDF files can be saved in the form of solid text, but often we also find content with the addition of drawings or tables. Even worse, if we find a book that landed in PDF right after scanning. Then we can forget about reading comfort.

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To read this format reasonably conveniently, we need to buy a suitable reader for PDF files.

What features should PDF e-reader have?

Choosing the right PDF reader should not cause problems, because most manufacturers of this type of equipment adapt their products so that they can read as many formats as possible. However, it is worth paying attention to those models that have a minimum 8-inch display. The greater, the better the reading comfort will be, but, unfortunately, the mobility of such a device will decrease. A large size can interfere with the daily transport of the reader. However, if we often use PDF format, we must give up readers with a small screen to gain great comfort while reading. The larger display also means it will fit a lot more content. So you won’t have to click often to enable the next page. The reader must be equipped with a magnifying glass which enlarges a specific place on the screen. Of course, scrolling the next part of the content will be annoying, but when choosing, for example, PDF books, we must be ready for it. It is important that the device has a width-matching mode – it greatly facilitates reading texts with a lot of graphics or containing a large font used by the author. Thanks to this technology, the text will be displayed so that it is much more visible. The PDF reader should also have a column function. Especially when we read, for example, newspapers. Thanks to this solution, the device recognizes columns and divides them so that the text is displayed individually. However, the most important function when it comes to readers is reflow. The technology recognizes the PDF file and then tries to convert the graphics and the file to match the display of our reader. As a result, we receive content that we can read fairly comfortably. Check users’ opinions about specific PDF readers equipped with the reflow function, because in some cases it may not work as it should. Of course, there are devices with this technology that intelligently reads the PDF, making it very comfortable when it comes to reading. In some cases it may be very similar to ePub or mobi formats.

Recommended ereaders for PDF files

A good reader for PDF files must first of all have the functions mentioned earlier, with an emphasis on well-functioning reflow technology. In this case, we can look for a reader with a screen resolution of less than 8 inches.

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It is worth to be interested in the inkBOOK Prime HD model, among others. This is a model with a 6-inch display. It has a resolution of 1448×1072 pixels. It has an illuminated screen, an Android system that offers access to a very large application base and very large personalization options.

You can also pay attention to the ONYX BOOX T76ML model. This is an e-book reader equipped with a 6.8-inch screen. The resolution with which the image displays is 1400×1080 pixels. This model works with Android. In addition to a very large number of text formats, it also offers support for images and audio files. We can also use the Internet thanks to Wi-Fi. T76ML also allows Bluetooth connectivity.

PocketBook InkPad 3 is a very good file reader. It is a model equipped with a 7.8-inch screen and a resolution of 300 DPI (1404×1872 pixels). The advantage is its handiness – this model weighs 210 grams. The screen allows you to display the image in very good quality. This model also plays audio files, so we can use it to listen to music or play audiobooks. Thanks to Internet connectivity, we can store books in a virtual cloud. If you want to read in a different language but you don’t know a word, the installed dictionary will help.

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