Best PC Controllers for Gaming in 2020

Best PC Controllers for Gaming in 2020

Best PC Controllers In 2018 – Detailed Buyers Guide

What is the best PC controller on the market today? What controller should I use for PC? These are some of the questions about controllers many PC gaming fanatics have been searching for answers since the start of this year.
To answer these questions, we’ve have written a detailed guide on the best controller for PC gaming and recommended the top 4 PC controllers you can consider buying in 2018. The models that we recommend in this article are not only the most comfortable but also usable. Read on to learn more.

How To Choose The Best Controller For PC?

Wired or Wireless gamepad

Should you go for wired controllers or wireless ones? This is one of the questions you need to keep in mind when choosing the best controller for your PC. Many wireless models come with long-lasting batteries and can be used through a WiFi connectivity or Bluetooth. This eliminates the hassle whenever you want to maneuver. For wired models, you need to one that can be quickly plugged in without fear of disconnection.

Buttons and features

You also need to consider buttons and features of a controller before purchase. Besides the ordinary features and buttons, many of the best controllers for PC come with additional features which include interactive touchpads, integrated speakers, triggers and much more. These additional features and buttons offer a vibration feedback and more interactive gaming experiences.

Design and comfort

The construction, feel or look of a PC controller can play an important role its overall usability and quality. Choosing a well designed and comfortable controller allows you to enjoy your games without any distraction or developing any fatigue. In addition to a good design, the best PC controller shou8ld also have sturdy analog sticks, responsive buttons. They are also able to withstand heavy and prolonged use.

Our Top 4 recommendations for controllers

1. Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One controller was created by Microsoft and it is one of the most comfortable, reliable and attractive PC controllers on the market today. Compatible with both Windows-based PCs and Xbox One consoles, this wireless controller works pretty excellently with any PC game including the Xbox One. It features the two analog sticks, D-pad, and standard four face buttons. It also comes with two ‘Impulse Triggers’ and two shoulder buttons. When it comes to design and performance, the Xbox One controller looks and feels great in your hands. Other appealing features of this controller include Interchangeable paddles, different analog sticks which support any gaming style and customize sensitivities.

2. PlayStation DualShock 4

The good news about the PlayStation DualShock 4 is that you can use it on your PC. When designing this controller, the Company managed to edge it in quality and comfort. The controller’s slightly larger thumbsticks is a deliberated design aimed at proving a little more control. Other benefits of using this PC controller is that if you want to use PlayStation Now and Remote Play to stream PS2, PS3 or PS4 games to your PC, it guarantees both compatibility and maximum usability thanks to the on-screen button that instantly prompts. In short, the PlayStation DualShock 4 is an excellent PC controller for gamers who don’t mind a little extra work.

3. NVIDIA SHIELD Controller

NVIDIA SHIELD Controller is also one of the best wireless controllers for PC with Wi-Fi capabilities. It is a high-performance and durable wireless controller that you can use on your PC and Android devices. Some of its special features include Wi-Fi Direct, rechargeable battery, and integrated microphone. Some of its benefits include runs with Wi-Fi direct technology, long battery life and comes with built-in microphone for voice commands. This model might be a great choice if you are looking for something compact, sleek, functional and durable with a long-lasting battery.

4. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The fourth controller in our list is the Switch Pro Controller. This controller works perfectly when used on a PC, Android and iOS devices. This model uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer devices. This means it will pair with your computer if it has a Bluetooth receiver. What you get when you purchase the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a comfortable, well-designed gamepad that will also elevate your PC gaming experience. You are also guaranteed a durable device that boasts an impressive 40-hour battery life.

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