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How to check if Steam game is region locked?

If you are buying a game on Steam then you shouldn’t worry, it will work if you don’t change your region. But it can be different if you are buying Steam game from different source, from some unknown store.

Well-known stores that sell games as Steam keys are HumbleBundle, Gamesplanet, 2Game or Fanatical. If a game is region locked, there is always an indication of that on the game page.

If you are buying a Steam game from a less known store such as Yuplay.ru, Plati.ru etc, beware because Russian locks are very common. Same applies for CIS countries and South American countires and some Asian countries.

How to check the Steam game region lock?

  1. Go to SteamDB website.
  2. Search for a game that you want to check if the steam keys for that game have region locks.
  3. In this example we will search for Borderlands 3.
  4. Look for App Type -> Game. Click the APPID -> 397540.
  5. Click -> Packages. There you have a list of SUBIDs like on the screenshot below.

6. Billing type “Store or CD Key” usually applies to purchasing the game directly from Steam websites. But “CD Key” billing type applies to keys sold on many different stores that sell cd keys for this game.

7. Let’s click on SUBID 437164 (Borderlands RU/CIS)

8. We see that page. This means that this “package” (CD key) has a region lock for these countires (Russia and CIS countires).

9. Not always SUBID is named with a country or region in the name, so for some games you have to check and click the SUBID and read if it has any restrictions.

10. In this instance we can see that Borderlands 3 is heavily region locked. It has CD key region locks for Russia and CIS countires, China, Asia, LATAM (South America) and Europe.

Also, the Steam official website has region locks in terms of buying gifts. You cannot buy a game as a gift for a friend if he’s in a different enough region that the price difference of that game in his region is more than 10%.

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