Humble Choice – is it worth it? Opinion

Humble Choice – what is it?

Humble Bundle Choice (previously Humble Monthly) is a digital game delivery subscription that is done once a month directly into your inbox. Once you get a membership, which starts at $11.99 per month you can register on the humble bundle website to begin receiving your monthly PC games. You will still need an active subscription but that’s easy to have once registered since it only involves two steps. The first step is to choose a plan after which you’ll have to pick a payment method that works for you. The games are delivered on the first Friday of each month and come with so many beneficial offers that would otherwise be hard to have.

Humble Monthly – how does the subscription work?

Each month there are early unlock game or games that – if you subscribe for $11.99 – you will get automatically as Steam codes. And then on first Friday of next month you will receive the rest of the games for this one monthly subscription, it’s usually 4-6 additional games. So if you like the early unlock – and that games are usually very strong AAA titles like XCOM2 or Rise of the Tomb Raider – then it should be a simple decision. On top of that great game you will get a bunch of really decent extra Steam games, sometimes also AAA titles, sometimes indies or other.

Other than the great game package sent every month, multiple payment methods that are also convenient are other advantages associated with the Humble Monthly. You can easily cancel your subscription if you feel you no longer need the services being offered, so long as you do it before the first Friday of the month. Failure to meet that deadline will lead to charges for that month since the monthly charges occur automatically after the first subscription. Being that you don’t have to subscribe every month and can cancel your subscription whenever you feel lie is also an advantage. Even if you cancel, but later decide that you want to continue, you can subscribe again so long as your registration is still intact.

With the Humble Bundle Monthly, you get your first game as soon as you subscribe followed by subsequent ones every first Friday. You can also pay in bulk and get amazing discounts by changing the settings in your account information page. With a simple interface that’s visually appealing, easy to understand and use, you can explore all the features and customize the settings as you wish. With that, you can edit your personal information including a change of email address or payment modes. Another advantage of this type of subscription is being able to gift it to someone else. The recipient has to redeem the gift before it expires.

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How many games do you get with Humble Monthly?

Each month of your subscription the Humble website shows all of current month games dollar worth value. It’s usually about $200, so you will get 4-6 games on top of the early unlock game. So every month is a little bit different and it’s a bit of a gamble, but seeing the comments on Humble Bundle Facebook page or on Reddit – the users are usually pretty much satisfied with the monthly game unlocks.

With the only disadvantage of limiting users to one bundle per month for each account, this game plan is still amazing. It doesn’t limit to only one household so multiple household members
can have accounts and get a game each. New users get an incentive of getting new coupons that they can use anytime they want. This, together with other promotions that are held during the month are a great way to save some money while still getting the entertainment one wants. In most cases, the coupons reflect automatically on your payment so you don’t have to anything.

The Humble Bundle Monthly games are usually fun for different age groups and having a simpler way of accessing them only increases their appeal. With just an email address, you can have a new games every month, something that you can also use when you don’t know what type of gift to give someone. They are affordable, safe and your personal information is kept safe. Other than the payment information, try not to divulge unnecessary information that someone can use against you. This is just a precaution and it doesn’t mean the website isn’t safe. It is, in fact the Humble Bundle company has been bought in late 2017 by IGN.

Starting from February 2022 the subscription is doing another change and going back to $11.99 per month pricing and offering different amount of games each month, but with no tiers.

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Questions and answers about Humble Bundle Choice

Do Humble Choice keys expire?

No, they don’t. There can sometimes be a lack of them, but they should be replenished within a few days if that happens.

What perks does Humble Choice offer?

Humble Choice offers a variety of perks to subscribers every month. For PC users, Humble Choice provides access to a library of games that can be played at any time. In addition, subscribers can also participate in exclusive sales and discounts.

When do new Humble Choice titles come out?

Humble Choice is a “curated” subscription service that gives you access to a selection of games every month. The games are yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription. New Humble Choice titles come out every month. You can check out the latest offerings on the Humble Bundle website.

Can I skip a month of Humble Bundle?

Yes, you can skip a month of Humble Bundle if you need to. Just log into your account and go to your subscription page. From there, you can click the “Skip a Month” button and your account will be put on hold for the next month. This means that you will not be charged for the next month’s bundle and you will not receive any new bundles until you reactivate your account.

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