NuPhy Air75 V2 vs Lofree Flow

Alright, so I have tested these two keyboards and here’s my opinion. What’s better, NuPhy Air75 V2 or Lofree Flow keyboard? Both are pretty great 75% widely recommended on forums and Reddits. They are definitely high-quality keyboards with some great features.


Top Features

  • NuPhy Air75 V2: QMK/VIA for remapping & macros, Bluetooth + 2.4GHz (1,000Hz polling), Adjustable feet, Several switch options.
  • Lofree Flow: All-metal case, Gasket-mount PCB for a softer feel, Unique POM low-profile switches.

NuPhy Air75 V2 vs Lofree Flow Specs

FeatureNuPhy Air75 V2Lofree Flow
Dimensions316.4 mm x 132.5 mm x 13.5 mm316 mm x 126 mm x 24.5 mm
Weight598 grams (1.31 pound)568 grams (1.25 pound)
Battery Capacity4000 mAh2000 mAh
Battery Life (lights on, my test)38 hours32 hours
Typing Angles3.5º/ 6.5º / 8.5º3.9º
Wireless ConnectionsBluetooth x 3, 2.4GHzBluetooth x 3
Compatible systemsmacOS/Windows/Linux/Android/iOSmacOS/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS
Polling Rate1000Hz on 2.4GHz and wired, 125Hz on Bluetooth500Hz wired, 125Hz via BT
KeysHot-swappable, 84 keysHot-swappable, 84 keys
N-key Rollover SupportYes

Wireless Connectivity

  • The Air75 V2 has upgraded 1,000Hz polling for its 2.4GHz connection, great for gaming (very low input lag).
  • The Lofree Flow relies solely on Bluetooth, with a polling rate around 90-125Hz.


  • NuPhy Air75 V2: QMK firmware and VIA compatibility for extensive customization.
  • Lofree Flow: No customization options, no open-source firmware or proprietary software.

Battery Life

  • Despite the Air75 V2 having double the battery capacity, its power-hungry hardware results in 220 hours with all lighting off. The Lofree Flow’s estimated 40-hour use time is with unclear lighting specifications.
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Sound and Feel

  • The Air75 V2 offers a refined sound profile, providing a controlled, clacky sound. The Lofree Flow, with unique POM low-profile switches, delivers a softer, more muted typing feel and sound.

Switch Options

  • NuPhy Air75 V2: Seven switch options in black, white, and grey profiles.
  • Lofree Flow: Limited switch options, with color variations based on the chosen model.


  • The Air75 V2 excels in lighting with a multitude of RGB backlight modes. The Lofree Flow features white backlighting and RGB sidelights, though execution is not as impressive.

Conclusion: The choice between the Air75 V2 and the Lofree Flow depends on priorities. If customization and wireless features are crucial, the Air75 V2 is the clear winner. For those prioritizing design aesthetics and unique typing feel, the Lofree Flow may be the preferred choice.

Personally, I very much prefer the NuPhy Air75 V2, because it’s just more comfortable and versatile for me as a gamer. But both are pretty great choices IMO.

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