Is Using a VPN Legal?

Virtual private networks (VPNs) have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people seek to protect their online privacy and bypass geographical restrictions. But is using a VPN legal? The answer is: it depends on where you are located. VPNs and the law In most countries, using a VPN is perfectly legal. … Read more

Is Humble Bundle legit? Review

Is humble bundle safe?

Humble Bundle is a very popular website where you can buy digital video games in a form of activation codes for Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin or Uplay. They became known back in 2012 when they launched their first game bundles which included several indie video games for Steam which you could purchase for a … Read more

TONcoin – Telegram crypto coin/token


TON blockchain has been created by Durov’s brothers – Pavel and Nikolai. They are known for being the creators of the largest Russian-speaking social network VKontakte (you may call it Russian Facebook) and Telegram messenger. Who is Pavel Durov? Pavel is a public figure and entrepreneur in those projects while his brother Nikolai – mathematician, … Read more

PewDiePie recording software – Bandicam?

PewDiePie famously uses Bandicam, not OBS as his recording software of choice – which was quite a bit of news for some people when he revealed that in one of his videos. What recording software does PewDiePie use? In this hilarious video another popular Youtuber – KSI caught PewDiePie at using Bandicam as his recording … Read more

Best VPNs of 2022 ranked

VPNs ranked

How are VPNs rated in this ranking? When assessing VPNs, we took into account three basic criteria – privacy, possibilities, and cost-effectiveness: Why use VPNs? There are plenty of answers to this question. The desire to obtain privacy on the Internet, secure downloads, the ability to use regionally blocked sites, the desire to change the … Read more