Playstation 5 vs Steam Deck

The video gaming world has been abuzz with debates and comparisons between two of the most sought-after gaming consoles – the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and the Steam Deck. As a proud owner and user of both devices, I’ve had the opportunity to explore their capabilities, and have noticed that they each possess unique features that appeal to different types of gamers. This article will provide an in-depth comparison of these two platforms based on my personal experiences, focusing on their advantages and drawbacks.

PlayStation 5


  1. Simplified Gaming Experience: The PS5 offers a straightforward gaming experience. Games just work upon installation, removing the need for any additional configuration or tinkering.
  2. Consistent Performance: You can expect a steady performance from the PS5, with AAA games typically running at a smooth 60 frames per second.
  3. Exclusive Titles: The PS5 continues to enjoy exclusive access to certain titles like Returnal and Demon’s Souls remake, providing unique gaming experiences not found elsewhere.
  4. Advanced Haptics: The console’s DualSense controller enhances gameplay with its innovative haptic feedback, particularly with exclusive titles.
  5. Top Tier Version of Games: Certain games, like Genshin Impact, provide an optimized experience on PS5, surpassing their performance and visual fidelity on other platforms.


  1. Portability: The most noticeable limitation of the PS5 is its lack of portability.
  2. Limited Library: Compared to the Steam Deck, the PS5 has a relatively smaller game library, with games typically priced higher.
  3. Limited Control Options: PS5 offers fewer control options than the Steam Deck. It lacks back paddle buttons and comprehensive mouse and keyboard support. Its touchpad functionality also falls short compared to the Steam Deck’s.

Steam Deck


  1. Portability: The Steam Deck’s foremost advantage is its portability. Whether you’re commuting or simply multitasking at home, being able to carry your gaming device with you can significantly change your gaming experience.
  2. Expansive Library: With access to the entire Steam library, you can choose from tens of thousands of games often available at significant discounts.
  3. Compatibility: Although some games may require a bit of tinkering, most are compatible with the Steam Deck. Compatibility checks from Valve aren’t definitive; technical workarounds available on platforms like can often get ‘unsupported’ games to run on the device.


  1. Requirement for Tinkering: Unlike the PS5, setting up a game on the Steam Deck often requires manual adjustments in the graphics settings to achieve a stable frame rate. This could be intimidating for less experienced gamers.
  2. Limited Graphical Fidelity: While the Steam Deck outperforms consoles like the Nintendo Switch, it cannot match the graphical fidelity offered by the PS5. High-end AAA games might not run optimally on the Steam Deck or may present a downgraded visual experience.
  3. Incompatibility with Certain Games: Due to their anti-cheat systems, some major modern multiplayer games like Fortnite are incompatible with the Steam Deck.
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Connectivity and Multiplayer Experience

The PS5 and Steam Deck are different when it comes to playing with others and connecting to the internet.

The PS5 has a strong online system called PlayStation Network (PSN). This makes playing games with friends easy and fun. You can also use a cable or fast Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, which is important for smooth online gaming. PSN also has extra features like chat and sharing game moments, plus bonuses for PlayStation Plus members.

The Steam Deck doesn’t have its own online system, but uses Steam’s features. This includes things like friends lists and forums. Each game on Steam can have multiplayer options. But, some multiplayer games might not work on the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck can only connect to the internet using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It doesn’t have an option for a cable connection, which might affect how well online games work.

In short, the PS5 might offer a better online gaming experience because of its strong online system and connection options. The Steam Deck has many games and flexibility, but some games might not work, and the Wi-Fi-only connection might limit its online gaming performance.

Storage Options and Expandability

Both PS5 and Steam Deck let you store games, but they do it differently.

PS5 has a built-in hard drive. This means it can store lots of games right on the system. You can also add more storage if you need it, but this can get a bit tricky and expensive.

On the other hand, Steam Deck uses something called an SD card for storage. You can easily buy these cards in different sizes depending on how many games you want to store. If you fill one up, you can just get another one and keep adding to your game collection.

In simple terms, PS5 has more storage built-in, but Steam Deck makes it easier and cheaper to add more.

Price and Value for Money

Price is an important factor when choosing between the PS5 and the Steam Deck.

The PS5 can seem more expensive at first. But remember, you’re getting a high-powered console with top-quality graphics and a bunch of exclusive games. Plus, the extra features from PlayStation Network can make it worth the price for many people.

The Steam Deck is less expensive. But, it’s not just about the lower price. With access to thousands of games from the Steam library, you get a lot for your money. Plus, being able to play those games wherever you want is a big bonus.

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So, both systems can offer good value, depending on what you’re looking for. If you want high-quality graphics, exclusive titles, and a strong online system, the PS5 could be worth the higher price. If you’re looking for a cheaper, portable option with a massive library of games, the Steam Deck might be your best choice.

Additional Features

PS5 and Steam Deck aren’t just for playing games – they can do a lot more!

PS5, for example, has a Blu-ray player. This means you can watch movies on discs if you want to. It also lets you stream movies and TV shows from apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Steam Deck, however, is more like a mini computer. You can use it to browse the web, watch videos, and even do some work on it if you need to. Plus, it has a touchscreen, which can make it easier to use for some things.

So, in simple terms, both PS5 and Steam Deck come with extra features that make them more than just game machines. PS5 is great for entertainment like movies and shows, while Steam Deck is more versatile, like a small computer you can take anywhere.

Both the PS5 and the Steam Deck offer diverse experiences catering to different types of gamers. While the PS5 thrives in providing a high-fidelity, consistent, and hassle-free gaming experience, the Steam Deck brings forth the benefit of portability and a larger, more affordable game library, albeit with a learning curve. Your choice between the two would depend on your specific gaming preferences and lifestyle needs.

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