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Reflector is an easy to use e-mail autoresponder with redirect and e-mail notification functions. Program is designed to keep non-stop contact with your customers or with colleagues. It helps you receive your messages anywhere you are. Program includes functions to define several different and fully customizable user statuses so you can define your own frequently used redirect and auto-responder settings.

Latest version:  |  Release date: 2004-03-24

Main features

  • Automatic reply generation
  • E-mail redirect function
  • New: E-mail reporting
  • User online status control
  • Periodical e-mail checking functions

Auto-responder is a part of the program which is running on the server and because of this user does not have to keep his / her computer running whe he/she is on holidays.

Email redirect function can be used to define groups of users that are reading messages from the same mailbox. There are several types of configurations that can be defined inside Reflector. This includes ‘one mailbox to many receivers’, ‘one mailbox to random receiver’ and ‘one mailbox to another’.
Random redirection can be used by sales offices like ‘sales@nnn.com’ to allow several users handle the same mailbox in parallel.

E-mail reporting is a feature that can be used to monitor e-mail messages by sending reports about them to another e-mail mailbox. When this feature is activated Reflector Server is sending userdesigned reports about new e-mail messages to a selected list of e-mail mailboxes. This feature includes also some functions that can be used to send such reports to e-mail<->SMS gate and read them on a cellular phone.

User status control can be used to check if somebody is at his/her computer and what he/she is doing at the moment. This information is defined by the user, so it can be freely choosen what the status information contains.

Who needs Reflector?

  • Everyone who needs to keep non-stop contact with his/her customers, even on holidays
  • Sales and support departments for easy one-box-to-many-persons e-mail redirection
  • Persons who want to consolidate several e-mail mailboxes to one main

Advanced technology

  • Client-server technology allows the user to completely switch off his/her computer – server will do the rest
  • Reflector is not limited when concerning number of mailboxes
  • HTTP protocol allows the user to configure the program remotely even through the Internet
  • Support for OS services helps the program to keep running
  • SQL database engine ensures the top performance for the server
  • Increased security – program supports APOP and “SMTP login” protocols


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