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Taditor 1.42.1 – download

Taditor is a general-purpose Unicode text editor with Hex edit mode. It allows users to edit text files build using uncommon, non-default code pages / charsets. If you ever had a problem with character encoding in your HTML files or you just want to verify what is wrong with your EBCDIC file, Taditor is for you. Thanks to sophisticated build-in macro engine, number of editor’s functions is virtually unlimited.

Latest version: 1.42.1  |  Release date: 2012-01-02

Key Features

  • Advanced and fully customizable text editor
  • Syntax highlighting (syntax colors)
  • Huge file (100GB+) support
  • Supports Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese languages
  • Supports Unicode files
  • Hex edit mode
  • International text support in hex
  • Spelling Checker & Thesaurus
  • Search and Replace with regular expression support
  • Instant preview for HTML and XML
  • Easy configurable user interface
  • Keypress Sounds

Character Set Handling

  • User-defined code pages
  • Directly supports all known Unicode text formats, no export/import needed
  • Locale-independent vertical (tategaki) and right-to-left edit modes for better international text support
  • HTML & XML charset support
  • Automatic character encoding detection (Unicode, EBCDIC, OEM, ASCII…)
  • Supports automatic CRLF format detection (PC, Un*x and Macintosh)
  • Supports most of OS-supported MBCS & DBCS code pages, including Big5, GB2312, Shift-JIS
  • Supports IME for easy CJK / CJKV text input
  • RTF import/export
  • Supports Unicode file names

Syntax Highlighting

  • Build-in support for HTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, C/C++, BAT
  • Support for user-defined computer languages
  • Export highlighted text to RTF
  • Configurable printout: color, monochrome or no syntax

Script Engine

  • Internal scripting engine for sophisticated user-defined macros (VBScript, JScript)
  • Support for user-defined windows
  • Growing library of scripts: anagram generator, ASCII table, clipboard dump, insert color, word statistics, find & count, ROT13, sort lines – read more

Other Features

  • Advanced text formatting functions
  • Zoom functions
  • Print preview
  • Compare files
  • Tools menu
  • Internal Integer Calculator
  • URL detection
  • Drag & drop support
  • And a lot more…


System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, Me*, 98*
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Screen resolution: 640x480x16
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

* “Home” platforms like Windows 98 and Me are partially supported (limited Unicode support and limited feature set)

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