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Telegram – how to monetize channel or group?

Telegram channel or group admins usually realise that they can monetize their work when somebody contacts them and offers money for the ability to advertise their stuff.

In 2020 Pavel Durov announced that there will be possibilities within Telegram to monetize users’ creations – something of an alternative to subscriptions and donations within the app.

Ways to monetize a Telegram channel in 2021


You can ask your users to donate to support your work/content. You can ask for tips or create a page on Patreon or ko-fi.com and ask for recurring donations.

Paid posts/ads

You can post sponsored content to your channel, it’s a great exposure for a company and if you do it rarely then it will not bother your userbase too much.

Private channel with subscription

You can create a private Telegram channel and charge a fee for every subscription/access to the channel by an individual user.

Affiliate marketing

Having a Telegram group or channel is a great way to promote your affiliate links to products or services. Using affiliate marketing you make a percentage of every sale that people make through your link, so just post worthy content, reviews and/or recommendations of products.

Monetize your links

Tools and bots such as Earnify are great to monetize your links that you post within your Telegram page.

Offering services

You can offer your services such as creating bots for Telegram, creating and growing channels and then selling them.

Sell your stuff

Maybe you’re a freelancer designer, video editor or a programmer. You can sell your own stuff using Telegram channel or a group as a promotion and exposure tool.

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  1. Build your brand and trustworthness and the rest will usually come.. but affiliate stuff is quite fair if you promote products that are quality

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