Most common VPN questions and answers

Does VPN work through hotspot?

Yes, it does. If you are setting up a mobile hotspot with a phone and connecting to the Internet using a different device and a VPN there – it will be fine. Though if you’re connecting to the Internet on the phone that’s creating a hotspot and using a VPN there then it might interference.

Does vpn give you faster Internet?

No, VPN usually will slow down your connection, because it’s using external servers to connect to a website or a service. It might help the speed in very specific circumstances, but that’s a rare occasion.

What port does a VPN use?

It depends on a VPN protocol of a VPN service, for OpenVPN it will be 1194 or 443, for PPTP 1723 and 47, for L2TP 500, 4500, and 50, for SSTP 443, for IKEv2 500, 4500, and 50 and Wireguard uses 51820 port.

How does a VPN protect your communications?

VPN reroutes your Internet traffic through external servers, so you don’t leave your IP address trail in the services you use. But it’s not a cure-all solution, as applications like Messenger or Whatsapp can still track a lot of data that you provide them yourself – your name, phone number, etc. Remember that you can also use your VPN only for specific applications.

What is a VPN provider?

VPN provider is usually a big firm like NordVPN or ExpressVPN that has hundreds of servers across the world and sells a subscription service for users to use a VPN connection using their servers.

How much does a VPN license cost?

A service-based customer VPN like these mentioned above is usually around $10 a month or $100 yearly, but that price may range depending on the promotion. There are also free VPNs that provide a very limited amount of servers and bandwidth.

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Does VPN hide GPS location?

Generally, it doesn’t, VPN encrypts your Internet connection, not GPS. But you may disable permission for an app to use GPS and then it might rely on the Internet connection to determine your location, so this way VPN would be helpful.

Does a VPN hide your browsing history from ISP?

Yes, it does hide your Internet activity. Check out our guide on the best VPNs on the market right now.

When connected to a VPN, does all Internet traffic go through it?

Yes, if you have a VPN installed on your router or you’re using software like NordVPN. If you’re using a browser extension though, only the browser traffic will go through a VPN.

Does VPN use battery on mobile device?

Like any app working in the background, it will use some battery, yes.

Does VPN encrypt text messages?

No, it doesn’t. It will help with privacy on apps like Messenger, but not with cellular text messages.

Does VPN affect other computers?

If the VPN is installed on a router and computers are all connected to the Internet using this router, then yes. In other cases, no.

Why does my internet disconnect when i connect to VPN?

Your VPN connection isn’t set up correctly.

Does VPN protect against viruses?

No, VPN doesn’t protect your device against viruses. You need common sense and antivirus software for that.

Does a VPN hide your MAC address?

No, VPN doesn’t hide the MAC address, but the MAC address is almost never visible to anyone outside your network.

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Does VPN waste Internet data?

Yes, when connected to a VPN your device will use a little bit more data than usual. That amount might be between 5-10%, it’s not much.

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