Best 3D monitors in 2020

3D monitor solution will be appreciated by fans of three-dimensional entertainment and film screenings in 3D. Monitor equipped with modern 3D technology combines the standard functionality offered by classic monitors, with additional multimedia capabilities.

At first glance, it’s difficult to distinguish between a 3D monitor and a standard device. The 3D function can also be turned off during everyday use. The monitor of this type will then be a fully universal equipment that will serve the user in the same way during work as during entertainment.

What 3D monitor to choose?

3D monitors are a diverse group of devices. They include low-budget solutions that will not delight in the possibilities, there are also higher-class solutions that will allow you to use the potential of the three-dimensional image well. The basic division of 3D monitors due to the technology used is as follows:

Passive (polarized) technology – is based on the cooperation of the monitor with the appropriate glasses. 3D movie frames contain a separate picture for the right and left eyes. Passive screens include a special polarizing filter that works with the glasses, and when you put them on, you can see the spatial effect. The downside of the polarizing technology is the decrease in the image resolution by about half as compared to the screen’s ability to work without a 3D effect. The advantage of this technology is the lower price than the solution using the active (snapshot) technology.

Active (snapshot) technology – is more popular and more willingly used by producers. It is used in monitors, TVs and projectors. It works by alternating images for the left and right eye directly on the monitor. The technology requires enhanced image refresh at 120 Hz, although the picture reaches each eye at refresh rates at standard and safe 60 Hz levels. 3D monitors work actively with liquid crystal glasses. The disadvantage of active technology is the decrease in image brightness in liquid crystal glasses, a problem that has been largely eliminated by using lighter monitors. The price of active 3D monitors is higher than passive monitors. The advantage of active technology is very good image quality and work in 3D mode without loss for resolution.

2D or 3D monitor?

3D monitors are often chosen by players and people who want to use the monitor also to watch movies in 3D. Is it really worth to bet on this technology and buy a 3D monitor, is it better to opt for a classic device?

Whether or not to buy a 3D monitor depends primarily on the intended use of the equipment. If the monitor is to act as a multimedia device, replace the TV and be used for games and entertainment, 3D technology is welcome. If the purchase is aimed at people who work mainly on the monitor, a more reasonable choice will be a good quality monitor. Another issue is the fact that the 3D image on the monitor will not make the same impression, such as in the cinema, if only because of the size of the monitor, so 3D movies from the computer will not cause such a wow effect, although probably such a screening can be an interesting pastime and a stepping stone from ordinary movies.

3D monitors for PC have a number of advantages and are very popular, but also have some drawbacks to be mentioned.

Advantages of 3D monitors:

  • Multifunctionality
  • The ability to watch movies in 3D
  • The possibility of playing 3D games
  • 3D mode can be turned off
  • The 3D monitor can replace the TV

Disadvantages of 3D monitors:

  • 3D monitors are more expensive than classic ones
  • Most models require the use of glasses
  • Passive monitors in 3D mode have a lower resolution

One of the drawbacks of using 3D monitors is the need to use additional accessories in the form of glasses. Interestingly – the 3D effect on an ordinary computer can also be obtained with the help of special glasses, but the impression is – you can say – negligible. However, there are already models of monitors available that can work in 3D mode without any glasses.

  • 3D monitors for use without glasses are among others in the LG range. The company was a pioneer in the development of this technology. Unfortunately, these monitors are expensive and there will still be a lot to wait for larger price reductions.
  • 3D technology without the use of glasses uses a video camera that tracks the user’s movement and adjusts the displayed image accordingly. The so-called eye tracking allows you to adjust the image so that you can dynamically change it and display it with regard to the different viewing angles for the left and right eye. As a result of this action, a three-dimensional effect is visible.
  • To use the 3D monitor without glasses, you must install a special application that is included with the purchased device.

3D monitors work great in everyday use and when watching movies. If buying a new monitor is a must, consider a new variant that will offer 3D functionality. What else should you pay attention to when buying a 3D monitor?

  • Technology used – active or passive. The cheaper option will be a passive (polarizing) option, but better results can be obtained on monitors using active (snapshot) technology.
  • LCD monitor panel – it can be a cheaper variant (TN). This panel is ​​edge-lit, it is used in cheaper classic monitors and in many 3D monitors.
  • Another option is a 3D monitor with an IPS panel. This solution is more expensive than TN panel but offers better image parameters.
  • Diagonal and resolution – a larger monitor with high resolution will provide a better experience when using multimedia, but will require cooperation with a good graphics card. You should take into account the technical capabilities of your graphics card (if its replacement is not an option), because with poor graphics the best monitor will not provide satisfactory results.

3D gaming monitor

Monitors using 3D technology should appeal to game lovers. In this case, when choosing a device, it is worth paying special attention to:

  • Declared viewing angles
  • Refresh rate – should be 120 Hz in 3D mode
  • Possibility of tilting the monitor, changing the position up/down
  • Response time – the higher the better
  • Resolution and contrast – the higher, the better

It will also be important if the glasses that work with the selected monitor will meet the user’s requirements. They should be light and comfortable and allow for a long time of use, and also be charged quite quickly.

3D Monitor – is it worth buying?

The purchase of a 3D monitor should also be considered for the remaining components of the computer and possible plans for modifying the equipment in the future. Effective use of 3D technology requires good equipment. The graphics card itself is very important.

What graphic card for a 3D monitor should be in a PC? Many manufacturers give in the specification of graphics cards information that the device works well in cooperation with graphics, movies and games in 3D. This does not mean that other cards will not work in this application. Much depends on what the computer is to use. Films in 3D can be displayed even with old graphics cards, the question of how to use computer games, such as 3D make-up games, looks completely different. When choosing a graphics card for a computer with a 3D monitor, it is best to follow the parameters that the graphics should meet, so that the newest games work without any problems at the highest details. Poor computer and monitor will not make full use of the potential of a modern screen. Therefore, monitors of this type are often recommended to professionals who require the highest quality and the best parameters for each piece of equipment. There is no wonder what monitor for 3D design, because it is obvious that the one that will offer the greatest functionality, but you can not forget that the computer itself should present the best technical specification.

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