Let’s compare: 8bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth vs Xbox One Controller

8bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth vs Xbox One Controller

When it comes to gaming, choosing the right controller can make all the difference. It can affect everything from the fluidity of your gameplay to your level of comfort during extended gaming sessions. In this article, we’ll be examining two popular choices in the world of gaming controllers: the 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller and the … Read more

Keyboards with Hall Effect switches [GUIDE]

hall effect switches

Hall Effect keyboard switches, often called “magnetic switches” are an alternative to traditional mechanical switches. What makes Hall Effect switches great? The Rapid Trigger feature. Rapid Trigger is a feature in mechanical keyboards with magnetic switches that lets you adjusts the actuation point of each key. This means that as soon as a key starts … Read more

Game Controllers with Hall Effect Joystick Sensors

hall effect sensor controller pc

Yes, there are a lot of video game controllers for PC and consoles that use Hall effect sensors to detect the position of the joystick. Why should you get a controller with Hall Effect sticks? Hall effect sensors previously were typically used in high-end joysticks in flight simulators or in industrial applications, but slowly they’re … Read more

KAMRUI Gaming PC Mini PC Review

image 2024 03 22T164909.452

Recently, I got my hands on a KAMRUI Gaming PC, and I have to say, it’s quite powerful mini gaming PC. It packs a serious punch with the AMD Ryzen 7 5700U processor and offers speeds up to 4.3GHz, allowing for multitasking and heavy-duty tasks without a hiccup. The PC is equipped out with 16GB … Read more

Haute42 Pad Joystick Comparison


All hitbox Haute42 pad models are wired gamepads. The Hautge Pad T13 and G13 have multi-colored LED backlighting, while the M13 and S13 do not. The Hautge Pad S13 is the only model without macro buttons and has the lightest weight. Let’s compare all of the models: M13, T13, G13 and S13. Special Features (present … Read more

Best Egg Shaped Mice

egg shaped mouses

Ergonomic design has become a key factor when choosing peripherals, and egg-shaped mice have garnered attention for their unique contours and comfortable grips. Whether for gaming or office use, the best egg-shaped mice offer a blend of style, functionality, and comfort that can enhance your computing experience significantly. Here are my best picks available in … Read more

Gamesir G7 SE vs T4 Kaleid

g7se vs t4kaleid

Gamesir G7 SE and Gamesir T4 Kaleid are both great controllers with Hall Effect sensors that are quite cheap. The main difference is that G7 SE is Microsoft certified controller and T4 Kaleid isn’t, but there are a couple more. Here’s a complete table comparing specs of these controllers. Specification Gamesir T4 Kaleid Gamesir G7 … Read more

Best FPS gaming headphones

best headphones fps

Here’s my personal list of the best headphones for gaming. Let’s call them “wallhack headphones”, haha. Headphones won’t make you a better player, but the ability of hearing steps and sounds in-game will definitely help a little bit. I have chosen headphones at very different pricing points and they are in no particular order. All … Read more