Keyboards with Hall Effect switches [GUIDE]

hall effect switches

Hall Effect keyboard switches, often called “magnetic switches” are an alternative to traditional mechanical switches. What makes Hall Effect switches great? The Rapid Trigger feature. Rapid Trigger is a dynamic feature in keyboards with magnetic keyswitches that constantly adjusts the actuation point of each key in real-time. This means that as soon as a key … Read more

Akko MOD007B-HE Keyboard: Review

Akko MOD007B-HE review

Thanks to Akko I had the opportunity to review their newest Hall Effect keyboard: Akko MOD007B-HE early. It’s got quiet and tactile magnetic switches. How good is it? Does it compare to Wooting? How’s the Rapid Trigger and the general feel of the keyboard? Look and Feel Right out of the box, this keyboard grabs … Read more

What is Dynamic Keystroke?

DKS on akko keyboard

Dynamic Keystroke (DKS) is a versatile feature allowing users to execute multiple (usually up to 4) actions with a single keystroke on their keyboard. Similar to macros but without full automation, DKS enables the setup of four different actions at four distinct positions on a keystroke. Which keyboards support Dynamic Keystroke? Currently only a few … Read more

DrunkDeer Antler Software

drunkdeer g60 software

If you’re using a DrunkDeer keyboard such as A75, G65 or G60 you should also use the DrunkDeer Antler Software which is a web based software to manage and config your keyboard. Let’s go over the features and settings you can change and save in the software. Rapid Trigger Mode What is Rapid Trigger mode? … Read more

DrunkDeer G60 – The Best Cheap 60% Rapid Trigger Keyboard?

drunkdeerg60 cheap hall trigger

On the Rapid Trigger Keyboard scene there is Wooting, Apex Pro, recently Corsair and DrunkDeer. And DrunkDeer with their A75 keyboard has been the best value for money alternative to these brands. Now I have received their newest keyboard – Drunkdeer G60 model which is 60% keyboard with Hall Effect Switches and the Rapid Trigger … Read more

NuPhy Air75 V2 vs Lofree Flow

Nuphy vs Lofree

Alright, so I have tested these two keyboards and here’s my opinion. What’s better, NuPhy Air75 V2 or Lofree Flow keyboard? Both are pretty great 75% widely recommended on forums and Reddits. They are definitely high-quality keyboards with some great features. Price Top Features NuPhy Air75 V2 vs Lofree Flow Specs Feature NuPhy Air75 V2 … Read more

Best Rapid Trigger Keyboards for Gaming

image 2023 12 22T134705.158

Rapid trigger keyboards are designed to have a shorter actuation point than standard keyboards thanks to Hall Effect technology. This means that the keys require less force to register a keystroke, allowing for faster and more accurate typing. Rapid trigger keyboards are also built with features like anti-ghosting and N-key rollover, which prevent missed keystrokes … Read more