Gateron Magnetic Switches Comparison: KS-20, KS-37B, Jade and Dual Rail

Gateron is manufacturer of keyboard switches and recently they have produced a lot of magnetic switches that are used in Hall Effect mechanical keyboards. I couldn’t not find any comparison of their magnetic switches, so I made one myself.

They all also sound a little bit different. And the keyboard compatibility is different.

Wooting 60HE+/80HE supports Gateron KS-20 models, so Magnetic Jade, White, Orange.

KS-37 model uses different weighted magnets which are not compatible with Wooting, but are compatible with brands like Keychron, Melgeek, Meletrix.

GATERON KS-20ks20orangeGATERON KS-37BGATERON KS-20T (Magnetic Jade)jadesGATERON Dual-rail Magnetic Jade Mini EDual Rail Jade Mini E switchesGATERON KS-20U (Dual rail)20u
Switch typeLinearLinearLinearLinearLinear
Forceorange 38gf, white 30gf30gf30±7gf30±7gf30±7gf
Bottom-out Force50gf50gf50gf50gf50gf
Total travel4.1±0.2mm4.0±0.2mm3.5±0.2mm3.5±0.2mm4.1±0.2mm
Initial magnetic flux102±15Gs120±15Gs120±15Gs?102±15Gs
Bottom magnetic flux905±80Gs800±80Gs800±80Gs?905±80Gs
Lifetime keystrokes100 million150 million100 million100 million150 million
Price$25 for 35N/A$68 for 70$45.5 for 70$69.99 for 70
Keyboards that use themVXE ATK68, compatible with Wooting 60HEMeletrix BOOG75, Higround Performance 65,
Endgame Gear KB65HE
Melgeek Cyber01, IROK ND75, compatible with Wooting 60HENot compatible with Wooting, compatible with Meletrix Boog75, Keychron, Polar65 and other KS-37 compatible magnetic switchesKeychron Q1 HE, Durgod K100
  • Initial magnetic flux in a keyboard magnetic switch refers to the strength of the magnetic field produced by the magnet(s) within the switch when the switch is in its initial state or at rest. This magnetic field is what allows the switch to detect the presence of a keycap, which in turn triggers the switch to register a keypress.
  • Bottom magnetic flux refers to the strength of the magnetic field produced by the magnet within the switch when the switch is fully actuated or when the keycap is fully pressed down.
  • The magnetic flux values are provided in Gauss (Gs).
  • Force – this is the amount of force required to actuate the switch, meaning to press it down to the point where it registers a keypress. It is typically measured in grams-force (gf). A higher force value means that more pressure is needed to actuate the switch.
  • Bottom-out Force -this is the amount of force required to fully depress the switch, meaning to press it down until it reaches the bottom of its travel.
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How long does 100 million keystrokes last?

Let’s assume an average typing speed of 60 words per minute (WPM), which is equivalent to approximately 300 characters per minute (CPM) if each word is considered to be 5 characters long.

It would take approximately 231.48 days to perform 100 million keystrokes at an average typing speed of 60 WPM. Typing non-stop 24 hours a day. So it’s quite a lot.

Edit June 2024: Now there’a also GATERON Dual-rail Magnetic Jade Mini E Switch released.

• Typing Style: Linear
• Initial Force: 30±7gf
• Bottom-out force: 50gf
• Total Travel: 3.5±0.2mm
• Pre Travel: Freely setting
• Pre-Lubed: Yes
• Spring: 15mm customized spring

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