Does WhatsApp Work Without WiFi?

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WhatsApp, known globally as one of the most popular messaging apps, has revolutionized how we communicate. Its instant messaging, voice, and video call capabilities make it a go-to app for millions. But one common question among users is: Does WhatsApp work without WiFi? Let’s dive into this topic. WhatsApp’s Connectivity WhatsApp, at its core, relies … Read more

RTX Noise Cancelling for your Mic


Unwanted noise during your online gaming sessions or important meetings can be more than just a minor inconvenience. It can interrupt your flow, make it difficult to focus, and even frustrate those you’re trying to communicate with. Thankfully, Nvidia, a pioneer in visual computing, has stepped up with a solution: Nvidia RTX Noise Cancelling/Suppression. Now … Read more

Stereogram Maker 2.1


I guess you have heard of “stereogram”. You’ve probably seen “Magic Eye” books in the book stores. Have these 3D images ever amazed you? Have you ever dreamed of creating such 3D images of your own? Well, now you can with Stereogram Maker. You may create stereograms from two types of 3D data: AutoCAD DXF … Read more

Taditor 1.42.1 – download

Taditor is a general-purpose Unicode text editor with Hex edit mode. It allows users to edit text files build using uncommon, non-default code pages / charsets. If you ever had a problem with character encoding in your HTML files or you just want to verify what is wrong with your EBCDIC file, Taditor is for … Read more

How to disable Windows 10 automatic updates?

disable windows auto updates

In previous versions of Windows, users could choose which system updates to be downloaded and installed. It was also possible to completely disable the updates. In Windows 10 it is not possible – Microsoft forces us to carry out regular updates, which can be run at theĀ inconvenient moment. Fortunately, there is an unofficial way to … Read more