Keyboards with Hall Effect switches [GUIDE]

Hall Effect keyboard switches, often called “magnetic switches” are an alternative to traditional mechanical switches. What makes Hall Effect switches great? The Rapid Trigger feature.

Rapid Trigger is a feature in mechanical keyboards with magnetic switches that lets you adjusts the actuation point of each key. This means that as soon as a key starts to rise, the actuation point resets, allowing for immediate keystrokes from any position, particularly beneficial for gaming actions requiring fast and repeated key presses.

TLDR: Basically Hall Effect/Rapid Trigger keyboard use magnetic switches so you can press keys really fast without waiting for them to fully come back up. This is super useful for quick moves in games like Counter Strike, Valorant and osu!.

Full list of Hall Effect keyboards

Every keyboard on this list has magnetic hall effect switches with rapid trigger, dynamic keystrokes and adjustable actuation point.

How are they different? Layout, build quality, software quality, switches from different brands, keycaps and price. Most of them are wired only for the lowest latency possible, but some also have wireless option (latency is slightly higher then).

My personal recommendations (I’ve tested 13 HE keebs as of April 2024):

And a complete list of Hall Effect keyboards as of July 2024:

SizeModelDescriptionPriceSwitches and other info
100%Wooting Two HELow latency and good software$194.99Older lekker magnetic switches, wired only
100%Steelseries Apex ProClose to Wooting in latency, great quality$199.99OmniPoint switches, software is average
100%Keydous NJ98-CPWireless; $10 off with coupon “hlplanet”$142.99Custom Kailh x Keydous switches, 8000mAh battery
100%Corsair K70 MaxWrist rest, not factory lubed$229.99Corsair MGX switches, decent software
100%NEWMEN GM560Pro1kHz and 8kHz versions with different colors$89.99Gateron switches, 100 keys layout
TKLTurtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro1000Hz polling, aluminium plate$149.99Gateron KS-20 white switches
TKLDurgod K10087 keys, lesser known brand$99.99Gateron KS-20 white magnetic switches, wired only
80%Melgeek Cyber01Cyberpunk look, very good quality, my review$139Gateron KS-20 white magnetic switches, 1000Hz polling rate
80%Wooting 80HEMiddleground betweeen Two HE and 60HE, wired only$199.99Founders campaign, shipping in July/August 2024, Lekker V2 switches, Rappy Snappy feature
75%Meletrix BOOG75Premium build quality, wired only, 1000Hz polling rate$229.99Based on Zoom75 (also, Zoom75 HE is coming in May 2024), Gateron KS37B switches
75%Nuphy Field75 HEVolume knob, light switch, optional wrist rest, 8000Hz polling$149.95Gateron white or jade magnetic switches
75%Drunkdeer A75 ProGreat budget 75%, low latency, good software$119Aluminium case, Raesha magnetic switches; there’s also older normal A75 model
75%Keydous NJ80-CPAluminium plate, wireless and with NJ80-C wired only version$99.99Outemu magentic switches, Cherry/OEM profile, aluminium/brass plate
75%Akko MOD007B HEThree-mode connection, our review$149.99Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches or Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switches
75%Akko MOD007v3 HE Very similar to MOD007B HE, 8kHz polling and improved software, wired only$179.99Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic switches
75%Backspace Oasis75Latency at around 1ms, better than Wooting 60HE, wired only$250Gateron White or Gateron x Backspace black jade magnetic
75%Monsgeek M1W-SP HEWireless, 8kHz polling, knob$149.99Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches
75%Monsgeek MG75S HE8k Hz polling rate, Mod-Tap, not hotswappable$99.99Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switches
75%Gamakay TK75HEThree-mode connection, ABS case, great price$89.99Shipping in March/April 2024, Gamakay’s custom Linear Mercury and Silent Phoenix magnetic switches
75%Keychron Q1 HEQMK and VIA support$219Shipping in April 2024, Gateron Double-Rail Magnetic switches
75%IROK ND75Little-known brand, 8k polling rate$79.99Gateron Jade magnetic switches
75%ZOUYA X86Extremely cheap, straight from the factory$69Gateron switches
75%ATTACK SHARK K85Blue and grey colors$79.99OUTEMU magnetic beige switches
75%SIKAKEYB Castle CK7583 keys, 8000Hz polling rate$149.99Gateron Jade magnetic switches
75%DAREU EK75 RT80 keys, wired only, 1000Hz polling$149.99Unknown switches
65%DrunkDeer G65Best budget 65%, low latency, decent software$117Raesha switches; decent Antler software
65%Womier M68 HEFantastic price, quality isn’t that great$66.99Unknown magnetic switches
65%Pwnage Zenblade 65Onboard memory, aluminium chassis$199Gateron magnetic switches
65%Latenpow Looting68Decent price$115Hejin Magnetic Switches
65%BOYI 66ProWhite, 8k polling rate, south facing LEDs$64.99Unknown magnetic switches
65%Darmoshark KT68ZPurple colors$116.99Raesha switches
65%Arbiter Studio Polar 65Lots of color options$150Fuji magnetic switches, average software (no key remapping)
65%Lamzu Atlantis ProLooks promising$159.99Raesha switches, carrying bag
65%Endgame Gear KB65HELow latency, aluminium case$139Gateron KS-37B switches, software is average
65%Higround Performance 65Expensive for what it offers$165Gateron KS-37B switches
65%Varmilo Victory8000Hz polling rate, CNC metal case$199Pre-lubed Gateron x Varmilo magnetic switches
65%VXE ATK68Unknown brand, average software, decently priced$115.99Gateron KS-20 magnetic switches
60%Akko 3061S HE Shine-Through8000Hz polling, shine through, good quality$99.99Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switches
60%Wooting 60HEVery low latency, good software$174.99Lekker x Gateron switches, plastic case, wired only
60%SteelSeries Apex Pro MiniVery low latency, decent software$179.99Omnipoint switches, wired only, great build quality
60%REDRAGON M618000Hz polling rate, pretty bad build quality$69.99OUTEMU magnetic beige switches
60%WAIZOWL Lightning 60Wired only, not hotswappable$129.99Raesha switches, 1000Hz polling rate
60%DrunkDeer G60Cheap with decent software$99Raesha switches, 1000hz polling
60%E-YOOSO Hz-61Unknown brand$69.99Redragon switches, 8khz polling
60%Sikakeyb Castle HM66Tray mount, latency better than Wooting’s, expensive$230Gateron Jade switches
75%Flux KeyboardCustomizable, IPS Adaptive DisplayStarting at $550Hot-swappable keyframes, Shipping June/July 2024
60%KBDFans Takka60Preorder, comes in batches$140Orange, Jade switches
60%KBDFans HOLY60Custom case, comes in batches$210Gateron Magnetic switches
75%Finalmouse CenterpieceBuild-in CPU and GPU, skins marketplace (?!)$349Delayed release, Gateron switches
List is also available in Google Docs, but a little bit outdated.

Hall Effect magnetic switches differ from mechanical and optical switches in their functioning. Mechanical switches rely on physical contact, while optical switches use light to register keystrokes. Hall Effect switches, on the other hand, utilize the Hall Effect principle, where a magnetic field causes a change in electrical voltage, to detect key presses without physical contact. The Hall Effect technology has been also on the rise in the game controllers space.

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What Hall Effect switches are exactly used?

I checked every keyboard with magnetic switches and here’s a list of all of the switches available on the market today (will be updated):

Switch nameForceBottom-out ForceTotal travelInitial magnetic fluxBottom magnetic fluxPre-lubedLifetime keystrokesKeyboards that use them
GATERON KS-20orange 38gf, white 30gf50gf4.1±0.2mm102±15Gs905±80GsYes100 millionVXE ATK68
GATERON KS-37B30gf50gf4.0±0.2mm120±15Gs800±80GsYes150 millionMeletrix BOOG75, Higround Performance 65, Endgame Gear KB65HE
GATERON KS-20T (Magnetic Jade)30±7gf50gf3.5±0.2mm120±15Gs800±80GsYes100 millionMelgeek Cyber01, KBDFans Takka60, RAKKA 60 Origin
GATERON KS-20U white (Dual rail)30±7gf50gf4.1±0.2mm102±15Gs905±80GsYes150 millionKeychron Q1 HE, Durgod K100
Raesha magnetic30±10gf50±10gf3.85±0.2mmN/AN/AYes100 millionDrunkdeer A75 Pro
OmniPoint 2.040gf45-50gf4.0mmN/AN/AN/AN/ASteelseries Apex Pro/Mini/TKL
Lekker L4530gf45gf4.0mmN/AN/AYes100 millionWooting 80HE
Lekker L6040gf60gf4.0mmN/AN/AYes100 millionWooting 80HE
Kailh x Keydous30±10gfN/A3.7±0.2mmN/AN/AYes100 millionKeydous NJ98-CP
OUTEMU Magnetic Beige Switch40gf60gf4.0mm150Gs2800GsN/AN/A
CORSAIR MGX30gf55gf4.0mmN/AN/ANo100 millionCorsair K70 MAX
Every Hall Effect switch is Linear; Lekker vs Gateron vs other magnetic switches

Advantages of Hall Effect switches

  1. Longer lifespan due to the absence of physical contact, reducing wear and tear.
  2. Greater durability and resistance to dust and debris.
  3. Faster response time, as the magnetic field can be detected more quickly than physical contact.
  4. Most Hall Effect keyboards come with Rapid Trigger feature and adjustable actuation points.
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Disadvantages of Hall Effect switches

  1. You have to use a keyboard’s software to change actuation point to not have any accidental strokes. Also rapid trigger and DKS require you to use a software.

Best Hall Effect keyboards on the market

Hall Effect switches are gaining popularity in modern gaming keyboards, with brands like SteelSeries and Wooting introducing them. Now the most popular Hall Effect switches include:

  • Gateron Magnetic switches (White, Jades)
  • SteelSeries Omnipoint switches
  • Wooting Lekker switches (Gateron recolors)
  • Raesha magnetic switches (mostly used by Drunkdeer)
  • Kailh magnetic switches

OmniPoint Hall Effect Magnetic Switches from Steelseries

switches differences
Response time and actuation point in OmniPoint magnetic switches

The APEX PRO mechanical keyboard takes a significant leap forward with the world’s fastest OmniPoint 2.0 adjustable switches, boasting 11x quicker response and 10x swifter actuation. Users can customize the sensitivity of each key, ranging from a speedy 0.2mm to a deliberate 3.8mm, and program two different actions to the same key for powerful gaming shortcuts.

SteelSeries Apex Pro HyperMagnetic Gaming Keyboard — Adjustable Actuation — OLED Screen — RGB – USB Passthrough​
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE & STUPIDLY FAST with OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic switches
  • RAPID TRIGGER — Eradicate latency arising from the physical movement of the switch through dynamic activation and deactivation of keys based on travel distance rather than a fixed point in the key travel
  • ULTIMATE CONTROL — 40 levels of per-key actuation (0.1 – 4.0mm) — set WASD for light, ultra-fast movements and set ability keys to deep presses to avoid accidentally triggering specials
  • 2-IN-1 ACTION KEYS — Program two different actions to the same key, such as walking with a light touch or sprinting with a deep press
  • OLED SMART DISPLAY — Delivers information at a glance from games and apps alongside a clickable metal roller and media key

Equipped with OmniPoint 2.0 Hall Effect Adjustable Switches, it uses state-of-the-art magnetic sensors for instant, zero-contact keystroke activation. The 2-in-1 Action Keys allow you to program two actions for a single key, enabling complex combos for competitive gaming. With ultimate adjustability, you can fine-tune the registration distance of each keystroke down to 0.1mm, catering to various preferences. The compact 60% design saves desk space while retaining full-size keyboard capabilities through side-printed secondary functions.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini HyperMagnetic Gaming Keyboard – Adjustable Actuation – Compact 60% Form Factor – RGB – PBT Keycaps – USB-C​
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE and STUPIDLY FAST with OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic switches
  • RAPID TRIGGER — Eradicate latency arising from the physical movement of the switch through dynamic activation and deactivation of keys based on travel distance rather than a fixed point in the key travel
  • ULTIMATE CONTROL — 40 levels of per-key actuation (0.1 – 4.0mm) — set WASD for light, ultra-fast movements and set ability keys to deep presses to avoid accidentally triggering specials
  • 2-IN-1 ACTION KEYS — Program two different actions to the same key, such as walking with a light touch or sprinting with a deep press
  • 20x faster actuation, 11x faster response than traditional mechanical keyboards

DrunkDeer A75 – a cheaper alternative

DrunkDeer A75 is a great alternative for SteelSeries Apex Pro. It also has hall effect switches and it’s slightly cheaper coming at only $130. It’s a compact 75% keyboard.

Update: I have recently reviewed their re-release of this model with an aluminium case: the Drunkdeer A75 Pro. Still a great keyboard.

DrunkDeer A75 Rapid Trigger Keyboard Mechanical Magnetic Switch Keyboard TKL RGB Wired USB Compact Gaming Keyboard 82 Keys ABS Keycap Compact with Knob
  • LAYOUT :ANSI Ultra Response Speed: 10 times faster than the traditional mechanical keyboard.
  • Adjustable Actuation Distance: Actuate from 0.2mm to 3.8mm, the adjustable precision is 0.1mm.
  • Rapid Trigger: Triggered once pressed, reset once released. Sensitivity range 0.1-3.6mm, adjustable accuracy is 0.1mm.Smoothly adjusts key action to allow mid-motion repeats without locking in actuation points. Players are free to customize it to their needs, giving them an edge in FPS and rhythm games such as Valorant, osu!.
  • Magnetic Switch: Operates through the Hall effect. No metal leaf/pin/optical or other sensitive fittings. The keystriking life is 100m, which is twice as long as conventional keystriking life.
  • TKL Keyboard With DrunkDeer Driver: Customizable key values and backlighting effects. Software can be upgraded free of charge during its lifecycle.
drunkdeer hall effect
Drunk Deer has developed their own hall effect switches

Corsair K70 MAX

The Corsair K70 MAX is a new keyboard released in September 2023. It features CORSAIR MGX switches with magnetic hall-effect sensors, allowing users to adjust pre-travel distances and reset points for individual keys. The keyboard excels in latency performance, offering an effective update rate of 8000Hz. Its build quality is also pretty great.

CORSAIR K70 MAX RGB Magnetic-Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard – Adjustable Actuation MGX Switches – Rapid Trigger Mode – PBT Double-Shot Keycaps – iCUE Compatible – QWERTY NA Layout – Black
  • Adjustable Magnetic-Mechanical Switches: The entire keyboard is equipped with fully adjustable CORSAIR MGX switches, enabling you to set every key’s actuation point from a light 0.4mm to a strong 3.6mm in 0.1mm steps, putting you in control for fast keypresses or ultra-accurate typing.
  • Two Actions for One Keypress: Dual-point actuation lets you assign two discrete actions to one keypress, giving you the ability to execute instant one-two combos.
  • CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology: AXON enables premier K70 performance, processing and transmitting inputs up to 8x faster than conventional gaming keyboards with 8,000Hz hyper-polling. 8,000Hz hyper-polling is dependent on CPU; older CPUs may experience reduced performance.
  • Soft, Satisfying Typing Acoustics: Two layers of sound dampening deliver the satisfying typing sound keyboard enthusiasts crave.
  • Package Contents: CORSAIR K70 MAX RGB Magnetic-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | Magnetic Leatherette Cushioned Palm Rest | Detachable USB Type-C to Type-A Cable | CORSAIR Logo Key | Radiant Spacebar | Keycap Puller | Safety Information | Warranty Card | CH-910961G-NA

While designed for gaming, it can also serve for office work with durable PBT keycaps and sound-dampening features. However, it lacks dedicated macro keys, Bluetooth connectivity, and has some key wobbling issues, including a rattling spacebar. Overall, it’s a reliable choice for gaming with a few drawbacks.

How do Hall Effect switches work? Wooting example

Wooting Lekker switches are a type of analog mechanical keyboard switch developed by Wooting. These switches provide a unique typing experience with adjustable actuation points and pressure-sensitive input, enabling more precise control in gaming and other applications. They offer a smooth and consistent keystroke feel, making them a popular choice for gamers and typists looking for a customizable and responsive keyboard experience.

The Wooting Two HE thanks to Hall Effect switches, can detect full switch motion with 0.1mm accuracy for every key. This feature enhances both typing and gaming experiences without compromising standard keyboard functionality.

Gateron x Lekker switch
The Wooting Two HE hall effect switches
lekker switch
Hall effect switch on the right – how it works

Although Hall Effect switches have a magnetic component, they are still considered mechanical switches due to their spring and stem components. The typing experience on Hall Effect keyboards is similar to other linear switches, offering smooth key travel and well-defined keypresses.

Should you buy one?

Hall Effect keyboards resemble mechanical keyboards in appearance and feel, providing similar performance in typing and gaming tasks. These keyboards offer adjustable actuation force, allowing users to mimic various popular mechanical key switches and accommodate different typing styles.

In gaming performance, Hall Effect switches are comparable or even superior to mechanical keyboards. They eliminate key chatter and offer exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even with repeated keypresses.

When considering whether to purchase a Hall Effect keyboard, keep in mind that they are less widely available and offer fewer switch variations compared to mechanical keyboards. If you’re seeking a change from traditional MX-style mechanical switches, Hall Effect keyboards can provide a refreshing alternative. However, if you prefer a wide range of switch options or are interested in customizing your keyboard, mechanical keyboards may be a better choice.

Is Hall effect keyboard better than mechanical?

It ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. If durability, water and dust resistance, and a contactless design are your priorities, a Hall effect keyboard might be the better choice. On the other hand, if you prefer tactile feedback, customizability, and a wider range of options, a mechanical keyboard might be more suitable for you.

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3 thoughts on “Keyboards with Hall Effect switches [GUIDE]”

  1. Initially, I had concerns about the OmniPoint switches since I was used to Cherry MX Browns with a tactile point. However, the smoothness of the Omni switches amazed me, and I ended up preferring them over the Browns. They offer unique adjustability in actuation, which can be customized per key.

    The RGB lighting on the Apex Pro is outstanding, with raised caps allowing vibrant colors to spill over the board, creating an attractive effect. The typing experience is incredible, and I’ve noticed fewer errors compared to my previous keyboard.

    Minor issues include the average Steelseries software and the use of ABS keycaps instead of double-shot PBT. The small OLED screen doesn’t add much functionality but is a fun, customizable feature. Also, only the primary keys have Omni switches, with other keys using generic linear switches.

    Overall, the Apex Pro is a fantastic keyboard that surpasses my old Gskill in every way. If you’re looking for an analog-based mechanical keyboard with adjustable hall effect switches, this one is worth considering.


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