Gamakay TK75 HE Keyboard Review

I was sent Gamakay TK75 HE from Gamakay a few weeks ago and I have tested it this whole time. This is their first Hall Effect keyboard with magnetic switches with features such as Rapid Trigger, Dynamic Keystrokes and customizable actuation. How does it compare to Wooting and other magnetic keyboards?

For starters, it’s very cheap. It’s $99 on Amazon, but the launch sale on Gamakay’s website lists it for just $84.99 which makes it one of cheapest Hall Effect keyboards out there at this moment.

Gamakay TK75 HE 13

The layout of the keyboard is 75% with 81 keys and a knob in the corner. The case reminds me of Keydous NJ80/NJ80-CP casing, it’s got different weight to it though.

Gamakay Magnetic Switches

You can order it with one of two different magnetic switches:

  • Magnetic Silent Phoenix Switch
  • Magnetic Linear Mercury Switch

I have received the one with Mercury switches and they’re good, rapid trigger and customizable actuations work well, they are easy to type and game with. I didn’t particularly like their sound, they are really loud with a “klack”, but that’s just my preference.

But I’m really curious about the Silent Phoenix switches, I have reviewed and kept track of a lot of Hall Effect keyboards with magnetic switches and these have got to be the first silent switches on Hall Effect keeb. So if you want to try that combo of rapid trigger and silent switches, this is probably your only option right now.

Gamakay TK75 HE 7

Gamakay Software

Personally I prefer web based software like Wootility or DrunkDeer Antler, but Gmakay’s software gets the job done. It’s not pretty, but I tested all the functions like rapid trigger, DKS, deadzone settings, macros, Fn key setting, RGB lights (you can share RGB and macro settings with other users) and everything worked as intended.

New:   What is Dynamic Keystroke?

You can adjust the travel distance of keys from 0.2-3.7mm

Gamakay TK75 HE key specs

  • 75% layout, 81 keys and a knob
  • 2.4g, Bluetooth and wired connection with up to 5 devices
  • Software compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Rapid Trigger, Dynamic Keystrokes, Deadzone setting and custom actuation point
  • 4000mAh battery
  • N-key rollover support
  • 1.5m Type-C cable


Should you get the Gamakay TK75 HE? For $85 it’s a great entry keyboard if you want to try a keyboard with Hal Effect switches and rapid trigger feature. And silent switches are really uncommon with magnetic keyboards, so that’s also worth noting.

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