Keydous NJ80-CP – great budget 75% rapid trigger keyboard

Today, I’m taking a look at the NJ80-CP wireless mechanical keyboard by Keydous. This is a new version of the previously known Keydous NJ80-AP which received great reviews, but with one important change – it’s got hall effect magnetic switches and it’s only $99.99.

Keydous NJ80-CP top view

Also, bear in mind that there’s a NJ80-C version which is wired only.

  • Keydous NJ80-C – cable only, aluminium plate
  • Keydous NJ80-CP – wireless, aluminium plate
  • Keydous NJ81-CP Pro – wireless and with screen instead of a knob in the right corner, brass plate
  • Keydous NJ80-AP – the older version, no magnetic switches
table comparing keydous keyboards

What’s in the box

KeydousNJ80CP 3
  • Keyboard
  • Switch & keycap puller
  • USB type-c cable
  • 2.4Ghz dongle

The NJ80-CP is a compact keyboard with 75 keys. It’s got a clean, modern design that looks great on any desk. The milky white keycaps with a touch of blue and yellow are a nice change from the usual black, and they really pop. More importantly, these keycaps are top-notch. They’re made of PBT plastic, which is super durable and feels amazing under your fingers. They’re not shiny (so no greasy fingerprints!), and the lettering is crisp and clear.


Let’s talk about the most important part: how it types. The keys have a nice, soft travel distance, and they make a satisfyingly quiet sound. There’s a layer of foam under the keys that makes a big difference. It keeps the sound down and adds a nice cushion to each keystroke. Honestly, this is one of more quiet magnetic switch keyboards I have used, maybe only Akko MOD007B was a little bit quieter, which is a huge plus for anyone who shares their space with others.

Even though the keycaps aren’t see-through, the RGB lighting still looks very good. The light shines through the brass plate underneath the keys, creating a cool effect. You can change the colors and patterns using shortcut keys on the keyboard itself, or you can use the software that comes with it.

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Magnetic switches

The magnetic switches used in Keydous NJ80-CP keyboard are the linear Outemu magnetic beige pink switches.

Outemu magnetic pink switch close-up
  • Total travel 4.0mm
  • Work travel 2.0+/-0.5mm
  • Work force 45+/-10gf
  • Min trigger Force 40gf Min
  • End force 60gf Max
  • Initial Magnetic Flux 150Gs
  • Bottom Magnetic Flux 2800 Gs


Software is ofcourse essential to setup Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystrokes functionality. Magnetic switches offer adjustable trigger and reset points for faster triggering and resetting speeds. By setting the trigger and reset points in the Keydous software, you can easily reset the key by lifting the finger slightly and continuously trigger it by pressing down.

One of the coolest features of this keyboard is the little aluminum knob in the corner. You don’t see these very often, but it’s a really handy addition. It feels great to use, with little bumps for grip, and you can program it to do all sorts of things, like control the volume or adjust screen brightness.


KeydousNJ80CP 6

You can use the Keydous NJ80-CP wired with a USB-C cable, or you can go wireless with either Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz dongle. You can even connect it to up to four devices and switch between them on the fly using the keyboard shortcuts. Both wireless options are rock-solid – I had no lag or dropped connections here.

For me, the wireless freedom is a big deal. I love being able to keep my desk clutter-free, and the battery life is fantastic. The 4800 mAh battery lasts for days on a single charge, even with the RGB lighting on. The only downside is that there’s no battery level indicator, but the F12 key will blink red when it’s getting low.

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Now, this keyboard is marketed towards gamers, and rightly so, it works great with Rapid Trigger and the switches are really good for gaming. But let me tell you, it’s also a secret weapon for writers like myself. The quiet keys, the comfortable typing experience, and the long battery life make it perfect for those long writing sessions.


Overall, the NJ80-CP is a fantastic 75% magnetic keyboard. It’s got a beautiful design, excellent build quality, and a typing experience that’s second to none. The price is also very reasonable, especially considering all the features you’re getting. If you’re looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard that’s great for both gaming and typing, the NJ80-CP is definitely worth considering.

And if you prefer the full sized keyboard layout then there’s the Keydous NJ98-CP model – one of a very few 100% keyboards with hall effect magnetic switches.

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