Let’s compare: 8bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth vs Xbox One Controller

8bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth vs Xbox One Controller

When it comes to gaming, choosing the right controller can make all the difference. It can affect everything from the fluidity of your gameplay to your level of comfort during extended gaming sessions. In this article, we’ll be examining two popular choices in the world of gaming controllers: the 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller and the … Read more

Game Controllers with Hall Effect Joystick Sensors

hall effect sensor controller pc

Yes, there are a lot of video game controllers for PC and consoles that use Hall effect sensors to detect the position of the joystick. Why should you get a controller with Hall Effect sticks? Hall effect sensors previously were typically used in high-end joysticks in flight simulators or in industrial applications, but slowly they’re … Read more

BINBOK Gemini Controller: Review

BinBok Gemini Switch Gamepad Photo

I love testing Hall Effect controllers, so I was happy that Binbok sent me their newest controller with Hall Effect joysticks for a review. It’s cheap at $39.99 and it’s got plenty of features. You can get the Binbok Gemini Gamepad from: Unboxing and First Impressions Packaged in a sleek box, the packaging included the … Read more

Gamepad Tester – Test circularity, deadzones and stick drift

The controller tester works best on Firefox. Connect your controller using a cable and click buttons. Move joysticks and check axis – if the value is other than 0.0 then you probably have stick drift. Gamepad Tester Gamepad Tester Controller is not connected properly. Press any button to start. Connected Rumble on button press If … Read more

PB Tails Crush – Controller with Swappable Faceplates

PB Tails Crush Controller review

How is PB Tails Crush Controller distinct from other controllers on the market today? It has both Hall Effect Joysticks and Triggers (which only a handful of gamepads have), it has quite unique design with easily swappable faceplates and lots of customization options such as RGB lighting and different joystick caps. Let’s review it. The … Read more

Flydigi Vader 3 Pro vs Gulikit KK3 Max

flydigi vs gulikit

Chinese controllers are very much in demand right now, because the brands like Flydigi, Gamesir, 8Bitdo or Gulikit are innovating. And innovation is the main competetive edge for them right now. There’s also the cheap price factor, but features like Hall Effect sticks, adaptive triggers, gyro, back paddles are the things people are craving the … Read more

Flydigi Vader 3 Pro vs Apex 4

apex4 vs vader3pro

Flydigi Vader 3 Pro and Flydigi Apex 4 are both great controllers with Hall Effect Joysticks. The biggest differences? Apex 4 has adaptive (impulse) triggers which is a cool gimmick for some games, it’s very similar to Sony’s Dualsense adaptive triggers. And there’s also the adjustable joystick tension. On another hand Vader 3 Pro has … Read more