GameSir G7 SE 1000hz Polling Rate Update is Back

So in December 2023 Gamesir released an update for Gamesir G7 SE that added the 1000Hz polling rate option, but it was disabled after 3 days because some users had issues with it. Now in January 2024 the 1000Hz polling rate is back on Gamesir app. The firmware version is v6.30 and it’s written as “experimental feature, the headphone jack will be disabled”.

This is great news, because G7 SE is probably the only Xbox-licensed controller with that fast 1ms refresh rate on the market right now. And it’s really cheap. Personally I’m using it on PC and it’s my go-to controller right now.

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Gamesie 1000hz rate

And here’s the 1000Hz polling rate confirmation from a gamepad tester:

1000Hz polling rate
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  1. So having an issue currently after 1000hz it wont let me download the script and now my rt button is really laggy like 40ms laggy


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