Can low battery cause stick drift?

Yes, it can.

When a battery on a controller is low, it may not provide consistent power output to the device, which could potentially manifest as unexpected behavior, including stick drift.

Make sure to use your controller via wired connection or have it at at least 50% battery when starting a gaming session to avoid having issues such as stick drift.

Stick drift, which refers to the involuntary movement of a joystick or controller stick even when it’s not being touched, is typically not directly caused by low battery. Stick drift is more commonly associated with wear and tear on the joystick mechanisms, dust or debris accumulation, or manufacturing defects.

However, it’s worth noting that low battery levels can sometimes lead to erratic behavior in controllers or peripherals.

If you’re experiencing stick drift, it’s generally a good idea to first try cleaning the joystick mechanism and ensuring there’s no physical obstruction causing the issue. If the problem persists, it may indicate a more serious hardware problem that could require repair or replacement of the controller.

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