Fantech WGP15 EOS PRO Controller Review

Thanks to Fantech sending a review copy I had the opportunity to test their newest controller with Hall Effect joysticks. It’s pretty cheap, looks good, but how does it perform and feel? Let’s find out.

Best features:

  • Good anti drift hall effect sticks
  • Interchangeable sticks with 2 sizes
  • Interchangeable D-Pad
  • Build-In Audio Port
  • Mappable Rear Paddles/Buttons

If you, like me, have smaller hands, this controller might be worth checking out. It’s got a more compact design than some of the bulkier options, making it easier to reach all the buttons without straining. The textured grip on the sides is a nice touch, especially if your hands get sweaty during intense gaming sessions.

One of the biggest pros for me is the customization. You can change up the RGB lighting, swap out the thumbsticks for different heights, and even add O-rings for more resistance in games where precision aiming matters. The option to switch the D-pad style is also a plus, depending on what kind of feel you’re used to.

The triggers are interesting – they have these locks that let you choose between a full press or a half press trigger. This might be appealing to racing game fans who need quick response times. Plus, the triggers and thumbsticks use a “hall effect mechanism”, so the input you give is more precise.

The back buttons are surprisingly versatile. You can map them to all sorts of commands, even multiple button presses at once. Setting up the combinations is pretty straightforward, which I appreciated.

I’m not a huge fan of vibration, so I generally turn it off for better battery life. But the Fantech WGP15 has got 4 levels of vibration, more than your usual controller.

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Also, the audio port worked well for me, but it’s compatible only with PC and Switch console. No Android support as of now.

ConnectivityBT5.0, StrikeSpeed Wireless, Wired
ColorsComes in 4 color versions
Platform CompatibilityPC/Steam, Switch, iOS, MacOS, tvOS, Android, Tesla Vehicles, Cloud Gaming/Game Pass
VibrationYes (4 Level Adjustable Rumble Vibration)
TurboYes (3 Level Adjustable Turbo Modes)
Face Button TypeMembrane
Total Number of Keys22
Programmable Buttons12 (With Time Delay)
Hall-Effect SticksK-Silver JH16
Trigger Lock2 Step Trigger Locks
Output Power125mA
Wireless DistanceUp to 10m
Standby Time18 Hours
Charging TimeApprox. 3 Hours

You can download the software/firmware for WGP15 here:

And here’s a link to the manual:

Overall it’s a really well made controller with tons of features and customizability. And it’s pretty cheap. Definitely a great alternative to an Xbox Controller for PC or Gamesir G7 SE for instance.

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