Flydigi Vader 3 Pro vs Gulikit KK3 Max

Chinese controllers are very much in demand right now, because the brands like Flydigi, Gamesir, 8Bitdo or Gulikit are innovating. And innovation is the main competetive edge for them right now. There’s also the cheap price factor, but features like Hall Effect sticks, adaptive triggers, gyro, back paddles are the things people are craving the the mainstream brands aren’t providing any sensible solutions.

Two of the hottest controllers right now are the Flydigi Vader 3 Pro and Gulikit KK3 Max. Both priced at $80 on Amazon with lots of features, but also some drawbacks. I have them both, so let’s compare them.

Vader 3 Pro vs KK3 Max Specs

FeatureVader 3 Pro ControllerGulikit KK3 Max Controller
Vibration ModesVibration in four areas3 Vibration Modes: Maglev, Linear, and Rotor Motor Vibration
Supported PlatformsPC/Switch/Mobile/Android/TV/X Cloud/IOSSwitch/Switch OLED/Switch Lite/Steam Deck/Android/iOS/macOS/Windows
Connectivity MethodsWireless Adapter, Bluetooth, WiredWired (USB-C to USB), Bluetooth 5.3, Wireless Dongle
Battery Capacity & Life800mAh; Wireless > 15 hours950mAh; up to 28 hours without lights, 15 hours with lights
JoysticksHall Effect Joysticks, JH-SilverHall Effect Joysticks, Gulikit’s custom model
Back Paddles/Buttons4 Back Buttons (M1-M4)4 Detachable Metal Rear Paddles, 6 Metal Rear Paddles included
D-pad Modes8-direction Mode, 4-direction Mode8-direction Mode, 4-direction Mode
Polling RatesWireless 500Hz and Wired 500Hz1000Hz Wired & Wireless (dongle), Bluetooth (125Hz)
Additional Features6-Axis Gyro Mapping, Platform Switching, Flydigi Mechanics System, Flydigi Space Station SoftwareAuto-Pilot Gaming, Ergonomically Designed, 2 D-pad Modes, Star-Ring RGB Light, 6-Axis Gyro, NFC-Amiibo, Switch Awake Functions, Joystick Sensitivity Adjustment, Rapid Fire, APG Recording
Price$79.99 (Amazon)$79.99 (Amazon)

My subjective notes:

  • Dpad is better on Vader 3 Pro, more clicky
  • Paddles on KK3 Max vs back buttons on Vader 3 Pro – I prefer having the option of paddles and they’re pretty good
  • KK3 Max has trigger stops, I prefer the triggers on Flydigi
  • Both feel great in hands
  • KK3 Max has no software, so no keyboard macros – and Vader 3 Pro has software so it’s a different story there
  • You can get Vader 3 Pro cheaper on Aliexpress
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Are there any other good alternatives? If you’re looking for something cheap then Gamesir G7 SE is a great controller with Hall Effect sticks that I can recommend.

Otherwise there’s also Flydigi Apex 4 with adjustable stick tension that’s coming early 2024.

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