Flydigi Vader 3 Pro vs Apex 4

Flydigi Vader 3 Pro and Flydigi Apex 4 are both great controllers with Hall Effect Joysticks.

The biggest differences? Apex 4 has adaptive (impulse) triggers which is a cool gimmick for some games, it’s very similar to Sony’s Dualsense adaptive triggers. And there’s also the adjustable joystick tension.

On another hand Vader 3 Pro has two side face buttons and is $20-30 cheaper.

FeatureVader 3 ProApex 4
Back TriggerSwitch between normal and clicky modesAdaptive trigger similar to dualsense (50+ supported games)
JoysticksRegular Hall Effects JoysticksHall Effects joysticks with tension adjustment between 35-100gf (using screwdriver)
D-pad8-direction cross buttons (Almost the same)8-direction cross buttons (Almost the same)
ABXY face buttonsMechanical, rubber on clicky buttonsMechanical, rubber on clicky buttons
Button pressPretty lightAlso quite light pressing force needed
Back buttonsAlmost the sameAlmost the same
Build qualityInferior to Apex 4Superior to Vader 3 Pro
Polling rate500Hz1000Hz
Other featurestwo side face buttonsLCD screen
FLYDIGI Vader 3 Pro PC Controller Hall & Micro Changable Triggers Hall Joystick Stereo Vibration 6 Macros Buttons 800mAh Gyro Mapping RGB Light Multi-Platform Controller for PC/NS/TV/Android/Laptop
  • 【Multi-Platform PC Controller】Supported platforms: PC/Switch/Android/TV/Laptop (NOT support xbox and ps so far). 3 Connection modes: wired/2.4G wireless Dongle/bluetooth controller.
  • 【Upgraded Hall Effect & Micro Changable 2-In-1 Triggers & Hall Effect Joystick】The next top player is you! Flydigi Vader 3 pro game controller equips 2 kinds triggers, provide you with a smooth and precise control. Coupled with the Hall effect joysticks that never get stick drift, Vader 3 pro pc gaming controller will be the perfect assistant to your flawless gaming performance.
  • 【Upgraded 4-Motors Vibration (Intensity Customizable) & 800mAh High-Capacity Battery】Vader 3 pro game controller will bring you an immersive and lasting gaming experience. The counter weighted motors handbar areas and 2 triggers areas will provide you with 4-motors vibration sensations, giving you the most realistic feedback. With an 800mAh high-capacity battery, you will enjoy uninterrupted perfect gaming experience.
  • 【Comprehensively Enhanced Tactile Sensation】Flydigi is dedicated to selecting premium materials, 1000+ times manufacturing optimization, and crafting top-notch controllers with excellent tactile feedback. The upgraded metal logo enhances the overall visual appeal with vader3pro pc controller. Equipped with POM ring for smooth and durable performance. (CZM1M2M3M4 6 Buttons Are All Macros Buttons)
  • 【Comprehensively Enhanced Visual Sensation】Whether it’s dazzling color variations or light effects that synchronize with game scenes, they enhance your gaming experience with unique visual enjoyment and immersive esports experience. Vader 3 pro pc gaming controller elegant design and personalized lighting effects, features a V-shaped light strip design with 16.8 million colors for free switching CUSTOMIZABLE in flydigi space station software, bringing you personalized lighting displays.
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3 thoughts on “Flydigi Vader 3 Pro vs Apex 4”

  1. You’re hurting my head with the infinite loop of the button press.

    Vader 3 Pro: Lighter pressing force than Apex 4
    Apex 4: Lighter pressing force than Vader 3 Pro

    “No, my buttons are more sensitive than yours”
    “No, mine are!”

  2. hi there! so im coming from a xbox series x wireless controller, which would be an upgrade for me? vader 3 pro or the apex 4? what im excited most for is the higher polling rate, not sure if ill feel a difference since i dont play compettively and only casual side scrollers or games thats top view. Also im excited for the mechanical buttons and hopefully better vibration motors. between the vader3pro and apex 4, are there vibration motors any different and their mechanical buttons? the vader 3 pro is half the price of an apex 4 in my country and im wondering which is more worth it to get since i wont be using most of the apex 4 features.


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