Flydigi Apex 4 is out – info and features

Flydigi just announced a new controller – Flydygi Apex 4. It has some pretty great features. It’s priced at 599 RMB, so it should be around $80-100 for the standard edition and $135 for Eva edition. The Eva edition also includes a set of accessories – case, height caps, charging dock and mobile holder.

Edit: It looks to be available for pre-order on Aliexpress, but priced slightly higher at $93 with coupon for the standard edition.

It seems like an evolution over Apex 3 Pro and it’s main selling points looks to be the Hall Effect Joysticks which have very strong return to the neutral position. And the sticks have adjustable tension. And it also had adaptive triggers. It’s available in China right now and should come to Aliexpress and Amazon this month (probably 21th of January).

It looks like a great competitior to the Gulikit KK3 Max controller.

Flydigi Apex 4 All Features

Flydigi Apex 4 FeatureFlydigi Apex 4 Specification
Adaptive Triggers1ms delay, ensuring ultra-fast responsiveness
Polling Rate1000Hz, providing swift and precise input
Adjustable Joystick TensionCustomizable via screwing, 30-100gf range (Xbox controller is 55 gf)
Stick PerformanceLow abrasion, strong return to center sticks
Joystick TechnologyHall effect sticks for enhanced precision
Shoulder ButtonsS-shaped for improved ergonomics
Face ButtonsShort travel mechanical face buttons v2.0
Back ButtonsFour back buttons for additional controls
D-padSimilar to the Vader 3 Pro for responsive input
GyroSix-Axis Gyro
Deadzone and Error0 deadzone with a minimal 0.5% error/deviation
Screen CustomizationScreen allows adjustment of RGB patterns

Other specs of standard edition Flydigi Apex 4 gamepad

  • Brand: Flydigi
  • Model: APEX4
  • Package Size: 205 x 97 x 195mm
  • Handle Size: 155 x 103 x 65mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh battery
  • Charging Port: Type-C charging port, magnetic charging port (with charging base)

Flydigi Apex 4 vs Gulikit KK3 Max

What are the key differences between these two controllers?

FeatureFlydigi Apex 4Gulikit KK3 Max
Adaptive TriggersYesNo
Back Buttons/PaddlesButtonsButtons + Paddles
Adjustable joystick tensionYesNo
Dedicated software, macro keysYesNo
Mechanical buttonsYesNo, but close
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