NYXI Hyperion Pro Review

I just got my hands on the new NYXI Hyperion Pro for Switch with Hall Effect Joysticks that should eliminate any stick drift that develops over time on standard Switch controllers. Here’s my in-depth look at its features, performance, and overall value.

NYXI Hyperion Pro Features

NYXI Hyperion Pro Front View

The NYXI Hyperion Pro have kind of GameCube inspired design, but the actual button layout is very close to the Xbox controller. The design is quite ergonomic with a widening shape and the grip is really comfortable to hold. Build quality seems to be good, but I should come back to that after some months of use.

It supports both handheld and docked modes on the Nintendo Switch.

The best features about this controller is obviously the Hall Effect Sticks, but I also really like the adjustable vibrations and a notch to hold the Switch in place without the need of a kickstand.

Another cool feature is the RGB lights around the sticks, customizable in various colors, adding a cool and visually appealing element for gaming in low-light conditions. ABXY also have lights

Things I really like in NYXI Hyperion Pro

NYXI Hyperion Pro Close Up
  • They have a D-pad. It can be a little bit wobbly, but I have tested it in a few games and it works just fine
  • Back buttons that can be mapped
  • Face buttons feel good, they are more clicky than mushy
  • The sticks are the best features for me, no drift and just a joy to play on
  • You can adjust the level of vibration
  • Feels good both docked and handheld
  • The Switch feels bigger with them on
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Things I didn’t like

NYXI Hyperion Pro on a deck
  • Attaching them can be difficult at times – you have to remember to hold the lock buttons at the back anytime you’re inserting or removing them
  • They disconnected for me once
  • They are very light, which is just a preference, but I’d like them to be a tiny bit heavier

NYXI Hyperion Pro vs Stock Joy-Cons

  • Hall Effect vs normal sticks that develop drift over time
  • Enhanced triggers with a tactile feel, though back triggers may feel a bit mushier.
  • Notable improvement: The controller has a notch for self-standing, eliminating the need for the Switch’s kickstand.
  • It has a metal ring around the stick, minimizing potential grinding damage over time

If you have never felt the difference between normal and hall effect joysticks you don’t know what you are missing. Definitely check them out and try for yourself. They don’t only feel smoother and more precise but should last you much more time than standard ones.

NYXI Hyperion Pro

NYXI Hyperion Pro JoyCons for Switch - Reviewed

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