Nitro Deck is a New Switch Controller Grip with Hall Effect

Nitro Deck violet color

Looking to level up your Nintendo Switch gaming experience? CRKD, a brand-new video game hardware company, has just unveiled the Nitro Deck, an ergonomic controller boasting premium features and nostalgia-inspired designs. The Nitro Deck made its grand debut during IGN’s Summer of Gaming 2023 event, and it has already captured the hearts of game enthusiasts. … Read more

My PS5 Dualsense Controller is moving by itself


DualSense controller is pretty great improvement over PS4 one. But what if your controller starts behaving abnormally? Some users have reported a phenomenon known as ‘drift’, where the controller seems to move or operate by itself without any input from the user. Here’s a detailed guide on what to do if your PS5 DualSense controller … Read more

Customizable modular controllers with swappable elements

thurstmaster customizable

Imagine a gaming controller that perfectly fits your playing style. A controller where you could customize each element, from the button layout to the grip design, to match your gaming preferences. This isn’t just a gamer’s dream anymore; it’s a reality. Welcome to the world of customizable modular controllers with swappable elements. Modular controllers are … Read more

Fixing stick drift on Steam Deck joysticks with hall effect replacements

gulikit hall sensors

One of the most daunting issues in gaming controllers, is “stick drift” – an annoyingly common mechanical failure occurring in game controller analog sticks. Infamously linked with the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, this frustrating issue is also a known, albeit infrequent, occurrence for the Steam Deck. Stick drift manifests itself as phantom “movement” transmitted to the … Read more

Let’s compare: 8BitDo Pro 2 vs 8BitDo Ultimate BT

8bitdoultimatebt vs 8bitdopro2

8BitDo controllers have been synonymous with quality and performance for a long time, offering a retro-inspired design combined with modern features. Today, we’ll compare two high-quality controllers from the 8BitDo range, the Pro 2 and the Ultimate Bluetooth. Both have their unique features and specifications, so let’s dive in to see which one might be … Read more

DualSense Edge will have replacement Hall Effect Sticks

dualsense edge sticks

The next-generation gaming experience has seen new heights with the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and its high-end DualSense Edge controller. Offering tactile immersion with its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, the PS5 controller is undoubtedly a leap towards the future of gaming. However, there has been growing conversation surrounding one particular feature that was expected but … Read more

Potentiometer vs hall effect joystick sensor

controller with magnetic joystick

Before we compare alps joysticks and hall effect joysticks, let’s begin with explaining what are potentiometers and hall effects sensors in game controllers. In game controller joysticks, a potentiometer (analog) and a hall effect sensor can both be used to measure the position of the joystick. What is an ALPS joystick? A potentiometer (used in … Read more