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There are moments in technology where something revolutionary emerges and pushes an industry to new heights. In the world of keyboards, the “Rapid Trigger” technology is that breakthrough. With the introduction of the Wooting two Lekker Edition keyboard in 2019, a unique feature was introduced that soon took the gaming community by storm. Now it’s available in more and more keyboards with Razer, Steelseries and Drunkdeer adopting it.

How Does Rapid Trigger Work?

The fundamental principle of Rapid Trigger is that it instantaneously activates a key as soon as the user intends to press it and similarly deactivates it once the user intends to release. This means the traditional latency caused by the physical movement of a key switch is eliminated. Instead, the activation and deactivation are dynamically determined based on the key’s travel distance, allowing for mid-motion key presses without needing to cross a fixed reset or actuation point.

The level of sensitivity is also unprecedented. Players can customize the Rapid Trigger to detect motions as fine as 0.1mm. Also, the rapid trigger functionality can only be adopted in keyboards with hall effect switches.

All Keyboards Featuring Rapid Trigger Technology

  1. WOOTING 60HE: A compact 60% keyboard layout, making it perfect for users who prefer a minimalist setup without the extra function rows and number pad. Its sleek design coupled with the Rapid Trigger makes it a favorite among gamers who demand precision. These are available only on Wooting website with a month-long delivery awaiting time right now.
  2. WOOTING TWO HE: This full-size keyboard is for users who don’t want to compromise on the traditional layout. It comes with all standard keys, making it suitable for both gaming and regular tasks, all while benefiting from the Rapid Trigger technology.
  3. SteelSeries Apex Pro: SteelSeries is no stranger to producing top-tier gaming peripherals, and the Apex Pro is no exception. With its adjustable mechanical switches that boast Rapid Trigger capabilities, it offers gamers a customizable actuation distance, catering to both rapid-response gaming and typing.
  4. RAZER HUNTSMAN V2 ANALOG: A flagship from Razer, this keyboard employs analog input technology with the benefit of Rapid Trigger, ensuring that users experience faster actuation and a more fluid gaming experience.
  5. RAZER HUNTSMAN MINI ANALOG: A condensed version of its bigger counterpart, this 60% keyboard offers the same analog and Rapid Trigger tech in a more compact design, perfect for on-the-go gamers or those with limited desk space.
  6. DrunkDeer A75: While it might be lesser-known compared to big brands like Razer or SteelSeries, the DrunkDeer A75 stands tall with its inclusion of the Rapid Trigger tech, promising swift response times and an enhanced gaming experience.
  7. DrunkDeer G60: Very similar to A75 model, but this is 60% layout keyboard.
Bestseller No. 1
DrunkDeer A75 Rapid Trigger Mechanical Keyboard Magnetic Switch Keyboard TKL RGB Wired USB Gaming 75% Layout Compact 82 Keys with Knob, ABS Keycap Black
  • Ultra Response Speed: 10 times faster than the traditional mechanical keyboard.
  • Adjustable Actuation Distance: Actuate from 0.2mm to 3.8mm, the adjustable precision is 0.1mm.
  • Rapid Trigger: Triggered once pressed, reset once released. Sensitivity range 0.1-3.6mm, adjustable accuracy is 0.1mmSmoothly adjusts key action to allow mid-motion repeats without locking in actuation points. Players are free to customize it to their needs, giving them an edge in FPS and rhythm games such as Valorant, osu!.
  • Magnetic Switch: Operates through the Hall effect. No metal leaf/pin/optical or other sensitive fittings. The keystriking life is 100m, which is twice as long as conventional keystriking life.
  • TKL Keyboard With DrunkDeer Driver: Customizable key values and backlighting effects. Software can be upgraded free of charge during its lifecycle.
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Gameplay Benefits of Rapid Trigger

Several genres of games reap significant benefits from this innovation:

  1. First Person Shooters (FPS): The immediate response enhances rapid movements, promotes faster shooting accuracy, and provides precise strafing capabilities.
    • In Valorant, players can stop movement instantaneously for faster shooting response and make stutter movements without impacting shooting accuracy.
    • Counter Strike enthusiasts will appreciate the faster counter-strafing response and the ability to peek around corners with heightened accuracy.
    • Players of Apex Legends can achieve a higher success rate for Super glides and benefit from more responsive lurch/strafe movements.
  2. Rhythm Games: Rapid Trigger ensures impeccable timing, lessens effort required for high-frequency hits, and significantly reduces the chances of mis-hits due to fatigue.
    • For osu! players, this translates into higher accuracy, better chances of surviving death streams, and improved note-hitting precision.
  3. Fighting Games: The technology ensures instantaneous key responses, which are essential for actions like parries, combos, and precise hit timings. In games like Street Fighter VI, players can execute those flawless parries and one-frame links with ease.
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The Revolutionary Change

Traditional switches function with a set actuation point. While pressing a key, there’s a point at which it gets activated. Even with slight finger bounces within this actuation point, the key continues to register the input. Rapid Trigger, however, elevates this mechanism. The dynamic active and reset points ensure the key is active as soon as it’s pressed and resets immediately upon finger lift, eliminating the need to cross a set reset point.

This means every single keystroke registers with pin-point accuracy without missing a beat. Such accuracy is game-changing, especially for rhythm-based games. Furthermore, this eradication of input or release latency means even quicker responses in fast-paced games.

Rapid Trigger keyboards are undeniably pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of gaming. As players across various genres begin to understand and harness its potential, it’s clear that this isn’t just a passing fad—it’s the future of gaming keyboards.

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