DrunkDeer A75: Cheap 75% Hall Effect Keyboard

The DrunkDeer A75 is an interesting gaming keyboard that offers an impressive typing experience, thanks to its smooth switches, rock-solid stabilisers, and sound dampening material. However, it’s also an example of how a device’s potential can be dragged down by substandard software. Despite the outstanding hardware on offer here, the accompanying driver package leaves a lot to be desired.

DrunkDeer A75 Features

  • Size: 75%
  • Switch: Raesha linear magnetic switch
  • Stem: Box / MX
  • Hot-swappable: No
  • Keycaps: ABS (with the flexibility to switch to PBT)
  • Actuation: Customizable between 0.4 – 3.6mm
  • Polling rate: 1000Hz
  • Media keys: Physical volume, F-keys
  • Rapid Trigger feature
  • Connectivity: Wired USB Type-C
  • RGB lighting: Per-key illumination
  • Software: Keyboard OEM Driver (DrunkDeer Antler)
  • Price: $130
DrunkDeer A75 Rapid Trigger Keyboard Mechanical Magnetic Switch TKL RGB Wired USB Compact Gaming Keyboard 82 Keys ABS Keycap Compact with Knob
  • Ultra Response Speed: 10 times faster than the traditional mechanical keyboard.
  • Adjustable Actuation Distance: Actuate from 0.2mm to 3.8mm, the adjustable precision is 0.1mm.
  • Rapid Trigger: Triggered once pressed, reset once released. Sensitivity range 0.1-3.6mm, adjustable accuracy is 0.1mmSmoothly adjusts key action to allow mid-motion repeats without locking in actuation points. Players are free to customize it to their needs, giving them an edge in FPS and rhythm games such as Valorant, osu!.
  • Magnetic Switch: Operates through the Hall effect. No metal leaf/pin/optical or other sensitive fittings. The keystriking life is 100m, which is twice as long as conventional keystriking life.
  • TKL Keyboard With DrunkDeer Driver: Customizable key values and backlighting effects. Software can be upgraded free of charge during its lifecycle.

DrunkDeer A75’s Hardware: Smooth and Responsive

One of the highlights of this gaming keyboard is its unique magnetic Hall effect switch. Unlike conventional mechanical keyboards, the DrunkDeer A75 doesn’t rely on a physical mechanism within the switches. Instead, it uses a magnet and a Hall effect sensor to measure the magnetic force and determine the actuation point. This system allows users to adjust the keyboard’s actuation point between 0.4mm and 3.6mm.

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The result is an incredibly smooth typing experience, with a satisfyingly solid clack and none of the hollowness you’d get from cheaper mechanical keyboards. When typing on the DrunkDeer A75, it’s easy to see the effort that has been dedicated to the hardware side of things.

The Keyboard’s Software

Unfortunately, the software accompanying the DrunkDeer A75 fails to live up to the high standard set by its hardware. The DrunkDeer Antler (shows as Keyboard OEM Driver when installed) application is frustratingly unintuitive, and it is unable to effectively unlock the full potential of the magnetic switches.

Due to the limited functionality of the software, users may struggle to configure their gaming keyboard in ways that could enhance their gaming experience. Without significant improvements to the driver package, the DrunkDeer A75 risks being seen as just a nice typing experience and little more.

Rapid Trigger Feature

Rapid Trigger is an innovative functionality found in magnetic switch keyboards. It’s also present in specific Wooting, Razer and Steelseries keyboards.

By dynamically adjusting the actuation point during a keypress based on travel distance, this feature optimizes key activation and deactivation. In simpler terms, it ensures a key is activated instantly when pressed and deactivated immediately upon release, removing the usual latency tied to switch movement, which can sometimes be more than 50ms. This is particularly advantageous in games demanding quick actions and responsiveness.

keyboard rapid trigger

Enabling Rapid Trigger on DrunkDeer Antler

  1. Set Action Point: Under the Sensitivity menu, choose the key to adjust and set the initial action point, with a range of 0.4mm-3.6mm.
  2. Activate Rapid Trigger: Elevate the sensitivity setting above 0 to turn on the Rapid Trigger function.
  3. Adjust Other Keys: For each additional key you want this function enabled for, repeat the first two steps, then hit save to store these settings. The rapid trigger sensitivity can be tweaked within a 0.2-3.2mm range.
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Games Enhanced by Rapid Trigger

  • FPS Games: Titles like Valorant, CSGO, and Apex Legend benefit significantly from Rapid Trigger. It boosts in-game actions, such as aiming and shooting, by offering enhanced movement precision and quicker response times.Side Note: A video demonstration shows the noticeable difference in Valorant gameplay with Rapid Trigger both on and off.
  • Rhythm Games: For games like osu!, the Rapid Trigger capability can elevate hit accuracy and rhythm synchronicity. It allows players to align hits perfectly with the rhythm while also diminishing finger strain.

Verdict: Great Hall Effect Keyboard but…

In summary, the DrunkDeer A75 offers a fantastic typing experience and highly responsive keys , thanks to its innovative hall effect switches. However, its full potential is held back by a weak software offering. At its current price point, it’s a relatively affordable magnetic keyboard that’s great for typing if you like steep keys.

Overall Rating: 8/10


Smooth typing experience: Even without using the accompanying software, the keyboard itself is enjoyable to use.
Hardware potential: If the software improves, it could unlock the full versatility and responsiveness of this board.


Limited functionality due to software issues: Without effective and accessible driver support, you’re better off with an alternative, such as a Wooting board.

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