What is Dynamic Keystroke?

Dynamic Keystroke (DKS) is a versatile feature allowing users to execute multiple (usually up to 4) actions with a single keystroke on their keyboard. Similar to macros but without full automation, DKS enables the setup of four different actions at four distinct positions on a keystroke.

Which keyboards support Dynamic Keystroke?

Currently only a few keyboards have implemented the DKS feature:

  • Wooting keyboards (Wooting 60HE, Wooting Two HE)
  • Akko MOD007B-HE
  • Keydous NJ98-CP
  • IROK ND75
  • Monsgeek M1 HE

How to use DKS on Wooting

DKS on Wooting
DKS on Wooting

Setting up DKS:

  1. Visit www.wootility.io and download the app or use the web based version.
  2. Select the desired keyboard profile for DKS implementation.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Advanced Keys’ tab at the bottom.
  4. Hover over a key, revealing a green + button. Click on it.
  5. Click on the Dynamic Keystroke (DKS) button.
  6. An orange DKS icon appears on the assigned key, and multiple DKS bindings display with different colors.
  7. Orange symbol: Represents the currently edited binding.
  8. White symbol: Represents all active DKS bindings.

Configuring DKS Bindings:

  • Utilize the grid view at the bottom to control DKS bindings.
  • Columns represent keystroke states (actuation, lowest actuation, key release, highest actuation).
  • Rows represent actions; up to four different keybindings can be added.
  • Click an input field, press the desired key for the corresponding action.

Pro Tips:

  • Right-click in an input field to unbind a key.
  • Click + icons in the grid for a one-time action with a specific key at a particular point.
  • To simulate holding down a key, drag the circle between two or more points.

Faux-Analog Movement:

  • DKS can be used to emulate analog movement in games that don’t inherently support it.
  • Example: Create a DKS binding for a key to handle both normal and sprinting speeds, achieving dual actions with one key.
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Experimenting with 4 Unique Actions:

  • DKS is flexible for various applications.
  • Combine single actions with holding down keys to execute up to four distinct actions with a single key press.

How DKS can be useful in games?

In games DKS can be used to simulate different movement speeds, such as slow, normal, or sprint.

For example, pressing the key partially may trigger normal movement, while a full press initiates a different movement, like silent walking or sprinting.

Additionally, you can set up movements to counteract inertia for a quick stop in games when releasing the key to a specific point.

You can also set up quick combos and skill execution using DKS.

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