Best Wooting Keyboard Alternatives

Wooting keyboards are really great. Three guys from Netherlands made a fantastic product for gamers with their Wooting One, Wooting Two He and Wooting 60HE bringing the magnetic switches with rapid trigger to a mass audience. In 2024 they’re releasing Wooting 80HE, a somewhat TKL/80% layout keyboard with 8k polling rate that should be a top product aswell looking at their progress that they are sharing on social media.

But if you are looking for an alternative keyboard, be it for a different layout, design, customizability or price then there’s a really big and growing market of Hall Effect keyboards with Rapid Trigger, Dynamic Keystrokes and custom actuation settings. Lots of quality products from less known brands from China, but also bigger players are making their magnetic keyboards.

So what are the top alternatives to Wooting 60HE or Two He?


Meletrix Boog75


BOOG75 from Meletrix. This is a keyboard with super nice design. It comes with Gateron KS37B magnetic switches, 1000Hz polling rate, wrist rest. It has great latency comparable to Wooting’s, slightly worse software, but the main selling point is definitely the aesthetics and premium look.

DrunkDeer A75 Pro

DrunkDeer A75PRO 1

DrunkDeer A75 was always claimed to be a budget alternative to Wooting 60HE. In 2024 they upgraded it to a A75 Pro version with a aluminium case and a few improvements. It’s only $120. It has very good latency, good software and a great price. Definitely worth it if you’re conscious about your budget.

Akko MOD007v3 HE

MOD007v3 HE Year of Dragon magnetic keyboard

Akko MOD007v3 HE. Once again, a very nice design. Custom Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switches, 8000Hz polling rate, priced at $180. Decent software with features such as toggle key and keyboard deadzone setting, Definitely worth a look.

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Melgeek Cyber01

IMG 20240305 172825

Meletrix Cyber01. Very unique cyberpunk look, great price at only $139. 80% layout, the newest Gateron Jade magnetic switches, 1000Hz polling rate, has a nice sound to it.


Steelseries Apex Pro/Mini/TKL

If you prefer going with a big brand then Steelseries has three keyboards with magnetic switches and rapid trigger feature. 60% Mini version, 75% TKL version and 100% Apex Pro.

These are very good performance-wise with nice gaming aesthetics, decent software and latency. Priced at around $200, very close to Wooting’s pricing.

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