DrunkDeer A75 Pro Keyboard Review

I have recently covered the DrunkDeer G60 and now I have received A75 PRO from Drunkdeer. It’s an upgraded version of their bestselling A75 model which is basically a pretty great and cheap alternative to Wooting 60HE, but with bigger 75% layout.

TLDR: DrunkDeer A75Pro is much heavier keyboard because it comes with a premium aluminium case. It still has Hall Effect Switches with Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystrokes. This DrunkDeer keyboard is also hot-swappable. It’s great value at $119.

In 2024 we really have lots of keyboards with Hall Effect switches to choose from. They range between $80 and $250. DrunkDeer A75Pro falls into a low budget range here, but I would say that the main thing that differentiates these mechanical keyboards are:

  1. Software – all Hall Effect keyboards have that Rapid Trigger, 0.1 to 0.2mm adjustable actuation point and DKS features. But software can be a hurdle here and Drunkdeer definitely has one of the best software solutions out there with their Antler which is really easy to use.
  2. Magnetic switches – there are Gateron, Gateron Lekkerand DrunkDeer has their own Raesha magnetic switches which feel just as good as Gateron Jade in my opinion.
  3. Latency – polling isn’t the only thing determining keyboard’s latency, so 8000Hz keyboard doesn’t have to be faster than a 1000Hz one. There are multiple other input factors. A75Pro had in my tests around 4ms latency, which is honestly pretty great. I think only Wooting 60HE has better latency from the competition.

DrunkDeer A75Pro vs Wooting 60HE

FeatureDrunkdeer A75 ProWooting 60HE
Cable1.5m, USB-C Charging Cable2m, USB-C Braided cable
Weight1000g605 grams
Polling Rate1000Hz1000Hz
Input Latencyaround 4msaround 2ms (with tachyon mode)
Layout75% (82 keys)60% (60 keys)
Case materialAluminiumABS plastic
N-key RolloverYesYes
Rapid TriggerYesYes
Dynamic KeystrokesYesYes
Per-key RGB LightingYesYes
Adjustable Actuation PointYesYes
Switch styleCherry MXCherry MX
Analog range0.2mm to 3.8mm0.1mm to 4mm
SwitchesRaesha Magnetic SwitchLekker Linear60
SoftwareDrunkdeer AntlerWootility
Warranty1 year4 years

In my experience A75PRO is pretty great for gaming, Rapid Trigger works great and it feels super responsive. I also tested it in OSU and did slightly better than usual, but that might have been just luck (I’m not an expert in osu! 😉

I really like the new case, it feels super premium with metal-like texture. It’s heavy at 1 kg, but not extra heavy, I think it’s pretty good weight.

You can purchase the A75 Pro from an official DrunkDeer website. Amazon will be available later.

DrunkDeer A75PRO Specs

A75PRO features a 1.5m USB-C charging cable and weighs 1000g, providing stability. With a polling rate of 1000Hz and 4ms input latency, it ensures responsiveness.

The 75% layout with 82 keys, aluminum case, and N-key rollover support offer functionality and durability. Dynamic keystrokes, per-key RGB lighting, and customizable Cherry MX switches cater to personal preferences.

The keyboard includes Raesha Magnetic Switches with an analog range of 0.2mm to 3.8mm, and a knob for volume control. Drunkdeer Antler software allows customization, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

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