DrunkDeer G60 – The Best Cheap 60% Rapid Trigger Keyboard?

On the Rapid Trigger Keyboard scene there is Wooting, Apex Pro, recently Corsair and DrunkDeer. And DrunkDeer with their A75 keyboard has been the best value for money alternative to these brands.

Now I have received their newest keyboard – Drunkdeer G60 model which is 60% keyboard with Hall Effect Switches and the Rapid Trigger feature. It’s priced at only $99, which is a huge difference to the $175 price tag on Wooting 60HE and $180 SteelSeries Apex Pro. But is it a good value for money?

Spoiler! Yes, it’s a pretty good keyboard, definitely get it if you want a budget keyboard with Rapid Trigger.

drunkdeer g60

DrunkDeer Software – Antler

The Drunkdeer keyboard’s software is very easy to use. Once it’s plugged in to the PC, you just open web browser and go to https://drunkdeer-antler.com/ and connect.

drunkdeer g60 antler

Inside the software you can easily change things such as:

  • Rapid Trigger Mode (All Keys) – Triggered once pressed, reset once released. Continously active and instantly deactivate perform an immediate accuracy in FPS games
  • Turbo Mode – Utilizing Turbo Mode can significantly minimize input latency. Once activated, the lighting effect will become static, and the keystroke tracking feature will be disabled.
  • Set Action Point – Set the point to activate a keypress
  • Enable Keystroke Tracking – Once activated, any keystroke will be tracked, and multiple keystrokes can be tracked simultaneously
  • Key sensitivity setting – Sensitivity determines how far you need to release or press a key to deactivate it or to reactivate it
  • Set RGB lights – on and off and lots of different modes.
  • Remap keys
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DrunkDeer Antler keystroke tracking
DrunkDeer Antler keystroke tracking

DrunkDeer G60 Specs

  • Size:
    • 60% Layout – 61 Keys
    • G60 Dimensions:
      • Height: 30 mm
      • Width: 290 mm
      • Depth: 102 mm
      • Weight: 530g
  • Cable: USB-C Charging Cable
  • Connection:
    • Wired detachable USB-C cable
    • Cable Length: 1.5m
    • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

My favorite things about Drunkdeer G60

  • Trigger key travel can be adjusted between 0.2 to 3.8mm.
  • Hall Effect Switches feel very smooth, even better than Wooting’s
  • Input lag (keyboard single key press latency) was around 4-5ms in my tests
  • Comparing it to Wooting 60HE as an average gamer you really can’t tell much of a difference between them
  • Plays great with OSU
  • Quality is really good at that price
  • Solid web based software

DrunkDeer G60 Cons

  • The switches come unlubed out of the box
  • Print quality of keycaps is very average
  • Case is made out of plastic

G60 Sound Test

My Opinion

I’ve been using this keyboard as my main for the last 2 weeks. It’s very comfortable and feels very smooth when first using especially if you haven’t used a keyboard with Hall Effect switches before.

It’s definitely a great budget keyboard if you’re looking for these features. There are some compromises made like the plastic case, unlubed switches and average keycaps print quality, but that can be somehow expected at this price.

For $80 you get a Rapid Trigger keyboard that feels really good to game and type on.

DrunkDeer G60 vs Wooting 60HE

FeatureWooting 60HEDrunkDeer G60
Switch TypeHall-effect (Gateron Lekker)Hall Effect Switches
Layout60% Layout60% Layout
Hot-Swappable SwitchesYesYes
ConnectivityWired (USB-C)Wired (USB-C)
SoftwareWootilityDrunkDeer Antler Software
Rapid Trigger FeatureYesYes
Adjustable Key Travel0.2 to 3.8mm0.2 to 3.8mm
RGB BacklightYesYes
Key RemappingYesYes
Keystroke TrackingNot specifiedYes
Key Sensitivity SettingNot specifiedYes
Build QualityExcellentGood
Cable TypeUSB-A to USB-CDetachable USB-C
Polling Rate1,000 Hz1,000 Hz
Input Lag (Single Key Press)Low (around 1.8-2ms)Around 4-5ms
Switch LubingYes, since 2023Unlubed out of the box
Keycaps Print QualityGoodAverage
Case MaterialABS plastic casePlastic

Does Rapid Trigger give you a competitive edge in games?

Rapid Trigger feature can potentially provide a slight competitive edge in gaming by offering dynamic key actuation points, allowing for more precise and rapid responses in fast-paced gameplay.

The customizable trigger sensitivity and low latency contribute to enhanced control and quicker reaction times, which can be particularly advantageous in competitive gaming scenarios, such as first-person shooters and rhythm games like OSU where split-second actions can make a significant difference.

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