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If you’re using a DrunkDeer keyboard such as A75, G65 or G60 you should also use the DrunkDeer Antler Software which is a web based software to manage and config your keyboard. Let’s go over the features and settings you can change and save in the software.

Rapid Trigger Mode

What is Rapid Trigger mode? When you press a key, it reacts immediately and stops as soon as you release it. This is great for fast and precise actions, especially in FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode makes things happen faster. It turns off fancy lighting effects to reduce delays when you press keys, making your actions in games quicker.

Set Action Point

You can decide how much you need to press a key before it does something. This allows you to customize when a key becomes active according to your preference.

Enable Keystroke Tracking

When turned on, the keyboard pays attention to every key you press, even if you press multiple keys at the same time. This is useful for complex commands or combos in games.

Key Sensitivity Setting

You can choose how hard or soft you need to press any individual key for it to work. You can easily adjust any key or WASD or any number of keys you mark.

You can configure both:

  • Sensitivity of Downstroke – 0.1mm to 3.6mm
  • Sensitivity of Upstroke – 0.1mm to 3.6mm

Adjusting this sensitivity helps make the keyboard feel just right for your typing or gaming style.

Configure RGB

You can turn the keyboard’s colorful backlights on or off, and there are many different lighting styles to choose from. It’s a fun way to customize the look of your keyboard.

There are options like: Rotate Marquee, Wave Spectrum, Breach, Center Surfing, Laser Key, Glowing Fish, Love and a couple more.

Remap Keys

You can change what each key does. If you want the “A” key to act like the “S” key, you can make that happen. It’s like personalizing your keyboard layout.

You can remap every single key on the DrunkDeer keyboard and also the FN and FN2 keys. You can also add and save different profiles.

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