Akko Hall Effect Keyboards and Switches

AKKO makes mechanical keyboards, switches keycaps and even mice. Like their competition they have started making Hall Effect magnetic keyboards and switches starting in 2023. I’m going to try to list all of their Hall Effect keyboards and point the differences between the switches.

Akko Hall Effect Keyboards List

Currently AKKO sells three main magnetic keyboards. Newer editions are slightly upgraded.

FeatureMOD007B PC SantoriniAkko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PCMOD007v3 HE Year of Dragon
SwitchKailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switch / Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic SwitchAkko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switch / Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic SwitchAkko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switch
ConnectivityWireless/Bluetooth/USB Type CWireless/Bluetooth/USB Type CUSB Type C
Polling rate (wired)1000Hz1000Hz8000Hz
MacroAkko Macro V1.0Akko Macro V1.0Supported
N-Key RolloverSupportedSupportedSupported
Disable WinlockSupportedSupportedSupported
BacklitRGB backlitRGB backlitRGB backlit
ModelMOD007B PCMOD007 PCMOD007v3
Dimensions (mm)333*147*32mm333*147*32mm333*146*33mm
MaterialPBT MaterialPBT MaterialPBT Material
Printing TechnologyDye-SublimationDye-SublimationDye-Sublimation

How the magnetic switch from Akko is built – a diagram.


Magnetic switches from Akko using Hall Effect technology allow you to have these three features:

  • Highly Adjustable Actuation Distance: Fine-tune the distance required to register a key press, ranging from 0.1mm to 4.0mm in 0.1mm increments.
  • Rapid Trigger: Very popular feature for gamers, allowing for tiny key presses and releases (adjustable between 0.1mm and 2.5mm). This is particularly helpful for techniques like counter-strafing in Valorant and supergliding in Apex Legends.
  • Dynamic Keystrokes: Bind a single key to perform four different actions based on how far you press it (similar to a joystick). This goes beyond traditional macros, as it simulates actual key presses with varying values based on press depth.
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Akko’s Magnetic Switches keyboards are built with a gasket or tray mount structure and aluminum alloy plate for a sturdy and responsive typing experience. They also support both PCB-mounted and plate-mounted stabilizers for added flexibility.

Akko Magnetic Hall Effect Switches

The keyboards come pre-installed with Akko’s Cream Yellow or Kailh Sakura Pink magnetic switches, both pre-lubricated for a smoother feel. They also support most Akko hall effect keyboards with 3-pin mechanical switches (although calibration is required).

Akko Hall Effect SwitchCream Yellow MagneticKailh Sakura Pink Magnetic
Operating Force50 ± 10gf50 ± 10gf
Total Travel4.0mm4.0 ± 0.4mm
Pre-Travel2.0 ± 0.5mm2.0 ± 0.5mm

Due to the nature of magnetic switches and potential environmental factors, occasional calibration is recommended to maintain optimal performance.

Akko Web-Based Driver. Akko provides a web-based driver for their keyboards, including the Magnetic Switches line-up. This driver allows you to access and configure all the features mentioned above.

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