Meletrix BOOG75 vs ZOOM75 HE Keyboards

Both the BOOG75 and ZOOM75 HE are premium mechanical keyboards featuring the innovative Gateron KS-37B magnetic hall effect switches. However, they have some key differences to consider and I will address them in this article.

Meletrix BOOG75 and ZOOM75 HE specs and differences

Both the BOOG75 and ZOOM75 HE are really heavy (3kg!) keyboards with Rapid Trigger feature which makes them pretty great for gaming. They both have the Gateron KS-37B magnetic hall effect switches. However, they have some key differences to consider.

Backstory: Meletrix Zoom75 without magnetic switches released a while ago and in January 2024 first batch of BOOG75 was released – it’s essentially based on Zoom75. And it was sold out pretty quickly with Batch 2 coming soon and Meletrix also announced Zoom75 HE (with Hall Effect switches) which will start shipping in May 2024.


  • Layout: Both keyboards have a compact 75% layout, ideal for maximizing desk space while retaining essential keys.
  • Mount: Both utilize a gasket mount design, known for its superior sound dampening and typing comfort.
  • Switches: Both come equipped with the Gateron KS-37B switches, offering a smooth linear feel, rapid response times, and exceptional durability.
  • Weight: Both weigh approximately 3 kg (6,6 lbs), providing a solid and stable typing experience.


FeatureMeletrix BOOG75Meletrix ZOOM75 HE
ColorsShockwave (black) and Induction coil (white)Black and white
Case MaterialAnodized aluminumElectrostatic glitter white or black aluminum
Case FinishAnodized, no infillElectrostatic glitter finish
Backplate & External WeightAnodized, no infillPVD silver/black backplate, anodized gold weight
KeycapsDoubleshot PBT, Cherry profile (themed)WOB or BOW keycaps
QMK/VIA SupportNo, requires independent driverNo, requires independent driver
Release dateJanuary 2024Preorder, shipping in May 2024

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