Nuphy Air 60 vs Keychron K7 (Best Low Profile 60% Keyboards)

When I was going to buy a portable mechanical keyboard for my Steam Deck OLED there were two keyboards that caught my eye – Nuphy Air 60 and Keychron K7. In the end I bought them both and here’s a little comparison of them, what I liked and what I didn’t like in each one.

Personally I liked Nuphy Air a little bit more, it felt more comfortable, I like the peace of mind of a bigger battery and the ability to connect it to a phone if needed. But Keychron K7 is also a really well made keyboard, I’m keeping it as a backup, because I really liked it so I didn’t want to send it back to Amazon.

What about NuPhy Air 60 v2?

And there’s also a slightly more expensive NuPhy Air 60 V2 which has a new adjustable feet, side LEDs, bigger battery, more custom switches to choose from. And most notably 1000Hz polling rate which is pretty great for gaming. And apparently it works better via Bluetooth too. So maybe you should get that if you choose Nuphy.

FeatureNuPhy Air 60Keychron K7
Number of Keys6468
Hot-swappableYesYes (Gateron version only)
N-key RolloverYesYes
BacklightRGB with 20 modes and sidelight with 4 modesWhite LED or RGB with 18 modes
Connectivity2.4G Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, WiredBluetooth 5.1, Wired
Battery Capacity2500mAh1550mAh
Working TimeUp to 48 hours (lab test)Up to 34 hours (lowest brightness)
Frame MaterialAluminumABS + Aluminum
Keycap MaterialPBTABS

NuPhy Air 60 vs Keychron K7 – main differences

  • Number of Keys: The NuPhy Air 60 has 4 fewer keys due to its more compact design.
  • Hot-swappable Switches: Both offer hot-swappable switches, but only the Gateron version of the Keychron K7 comes with this feature.
  • Backlight: The NuPhy Air 60 offers more extensive and customizable lighting options.
  • Connectivity: The NuPhy Air 60 includes 2.4G wireless as an additional option, while the Keychron K7 focuses on Bluetooth and wired connectivity.
  • Battery: The NuPhy Air 60 boasts a larger battery capacity and potentially longer working time.
  • Price: The NuPhy Air 60 is a bit more expensive than the Keychron K7.
FeatureNuPhy Air 60Keychron K7
SwitchesGateron Low Profile Blue, Brown, RedGateron Low Profile Red, Blue, Brown, White (Optical option available)
Media KeysYes (Fn + Key combinations)Dedicated keys
SoftwareNo dedicated softwareDedicated software for macro and backlight customization
Macro ProgrammingNoYes (with software)
Adjustable TiltYes (magnetic feet)Yes (fixed angle)
Cable TypeUSB-CUSB-C
Compatible SystemsmacOS/Windows/Android/iOSmacOS/Windows


  • Switch preference: Gateron vs. Keychron Optical
  • Customization: Level of desired lighting and hot-swappable options
  • Compactness: Preference for a more space-saving design
  • Battery life: Importance of extended typing sessions without plugging in
  • Budget: Price difference between the two models


Both keyboards offer hot-swappable switches, compact designs, and strong build quality. The NuPhy Air 60 stands out with its superior battery life, wider connectivity options, and extensive lighting customization. However, it comes at a higher price point. The Keychron K7 is a more budget-friendly option with solid features and a Gateron hot-swappable version available.

As I’ve already said, both are pretty great compact 60% keyboards. You can’t really go wrong with either of them.

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