Wooting 60HE+ vs 80HE

What are the differences between Wooting 60HE+ and 80HE? 80HE is coming out in Q3 of 2024 so we don’t know everything yet, but we have some information available. This article and the specifications table is updated regularly.

60HE vs 80HE – what is different?

Wooting 60HE+wooting60heWooting 80HEwooting80he
Layout60%, 61 keys ANSI or 62 keys ISO80%, not standard, close to TKL, there are arrow keys and 6 extra keys above them
SwitchesLekker 60 standard installed, compatible with L45 switchesLekker L45 V2 or L60 V2 switches (compatible with Gateron KS-20)
Rapid Trigger
Angle6 degree (fixed angle)2.8 degree (standard); silicone feet for: 6 degree or 10 degree
Case materialABS bottom casePCR ABS plastics / Aluminium case ($100 more)
Switch plateSteel (polycarbonate upgrade available)White polycarbonate (PC) plate
Latency2ms (1ms with tachyon mode: 1000Hz polling)0.125ms (8000Hz polling rate)
Onboard memory8MBNot revealed yet
NKRO / Anti-ghosting
Adjustable actuation point
Weight605 gram / 1.33 poundsPCR ABS: 790 grams; Zinc alloy: 2160 grams
Dimensions30.2 x 11.6 x 3.8 cm (11.89 x 4.53 x 1.5 inch)346 x 142mm (13.6 x 5.6 inch), 28.4mm front height with OEM keycaps
Price$194.99$200 (Founders campaign)
AdditionalRappy Snappy feature, LED bar

Best alternatives to Wooting 60HE?

Wooting 60HE is a fantastic rapid trigger keyboard and rightly so. But if you’re looking into alternatives, be it lower price or different layout, here are my best picks that are on Wooting’s level or very close:

  • Akko 3061S HE Shine-Through– amazingly cheap at only $99, 75% layout, hall effect and rapid trigger and also 8kHz polling rate
  • Drunkdeer A75 – 75% layout keyboard with hall effect, rapid trigger, DKS and cheaper than Wooting 60HE, priced at $130
  • SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini – 60% keyboard with hall effect switches and rapid trigger, has a great feel to it and has really low input delay, priced at $179.99
  • Meletrix BOOG75 – 75% keyboard, high quality build, more expensive at $229, new hall effect Gateron KS37B switches, rapid trigger and 1000Hz polling rate
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If you want to check out a complete list of hall effect keyboards before making a decision then make sure to check our page about it.

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