Rappy Snappy from Wooting – what is it?

Rappy Snappy feature has been introduced with the founders’ campaign of Wooting 80HE. It’s patent pending according to Wooting. After Rapid Trigger it’s another innovative feature from Wooting.

What is Rappy Snappy?

Rappy Snappy tracks a minimum of two designated keys and triggers the key that is pressed the farthest. When paired with Rapid Trigger, it will exclusively compare these keys when they are activated, enabling pre-pressing and quicker activation upon releasing the opposite key.

If both functions are engaged at the same level, it will default to your chosen SOCD resolution. This feature improves your (counter) strafing, bunny hopping, and timing for blocking, parrying, and combos in diverse gaming scenarios.

ELI5: You can link two keys together so that only the one pressed down further is counted as being pressed. For example, if you have key 1 pressed down 2mm and then press down key 2 to 3mm, key 1 would automatically release because key 2 is pressed down further.

It’s kill switch for a keyboard

Yeah, so basically it’s a kill switch for a keyboard. And this feature goes against osu! rules as this means that with Rappy Snappy a key has a direct effect on the pressed state of another key.

Wooting already annouced that Rappy Snappy is just a software feature, you don’t need to change keyboard to Wooting 80HE to have this. Wooting 60HE and Two HE will also support Rappy Snappy in a future firmware update of Wootility.

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