Hall effect vs mechanical keyboard switches

Hall Effect keyboard is also a mechanical keyboard. The difference is in the switches.

Mechanical keyboards use linear and tactile switches from manufacurers such as Cherry, Gateron, Kailh and also switches developed by big brands such as Razer or Steelseries. There are also topre switches.

And Hall Effect switches are just normal linear switches with one distinction – a magnet attached to each switch stem. And with a hall effect sensor below typically in the PCB now you basically have everything you need to read the analog input signal

Biggest advantages from using hall effect switches

  • using keyboard’s software you can adjust customization point of each key and you can use the rapid trigger and dynamic keystroke features
  • because there’s no physical contact these switches have longer lifespan of 100-150 million presses
  • they are water and dust resistant
  • smoother key press
  • they can be hotswappable (but not always are)
  • they cost the same as regular mechanical switches

The only cons would be that there aren’t any tactile switches with hall effect.

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