How do i know if I have butterfly keyboard on Mac?

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The MacBook’s keyboard history ranges from applauds to controversies, and one can’t mention this without bringing up the butterfly keyboard. The butterfly keyboard mechanism, introduced by Apple, is named for its components that resemble a butterfly’s wings, designed to offer a responsive and slim keyboard solution. This mechanism aimed to provide the same level of … Read more

Machenike K500 Mechanical TKL Keyboard Review

Machenike K500 Keyboard Up Close

The Machenike K500 mechanical keyboard has proven for me to be a delightful surprise, offering an excellent balance of design, functionality, and affordability. Here’s my detailed review of this compact 75% layout keyboard. It’s the K500-B84 model, but there are also 60% version named K500-B61 Mini and a wireless version of the 75% keyboard with … Read more

Rapid Trigger Keyboard Switches

steelseries apexpro rapid

There are moments in technology where something revolutionary emerges and pushes an industry to new heights. In the world of keyboards, the “Rapid Trigger” technology is that breakthrough. With the introduction of the Wooting two Lekker Edition keyboard in 2019, a unique feature was introduced that soon took the gaming community by storm. Now it’s … Read more

DrunkDeer A75: Cheap 75% Hall Effect Keyboard

Drunkdeer A75 magnetic keyboard blue

The DrunkDeer A75 is an interesting gaming keyboard that offers an impressive typing experience, thanks to its smooth switches, rock-solid stabilisers, and sound dampening material. Edit: DrunkDeer also released G60 model if you’re looking for a similar keyboard with 60% layout. DrunkDeer A75 Features DrunkDeer A75’s Features One of the highlights of this gaming keyboard … Read more

What is an Island Style Keyboard? – Chiclet Keyboard Guide


An island style keyboard, also known as a chiclet keyboard, is a modern type of keyboard that features individual keys with ample spacing. These keyboards are designed to provide a comfortable and more responsive typing experience. The individual keys are usually flat and square in shape, with slight curves to make typing easier and more … Read more

Through Hole PCB keyboards – what’s the deal with them?


The world of mechanical keyboards is vast and full of variety, and among them, through-hole keyboards have been gaining traction recently. Named for their distinct construction, these keyboards use a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that differs from the ones found in standard custom or pre-built keyboards. When a key is pressed on a keyboard, it’s … Read more

60% vs 65% vs 75% Keyboard

60vs65vs65 keyboard

In the world of mechanical keyboards, size does matter. But it’s not always about going bigger. In fact, the trend is shifting towards compactness and minimalism, with 60%, 65%, and 75% keyboards gaining popularity among typists, gamers, and professionals alike. But what do these percentages mean? And more importantly, which one is the best fit … Read more

Role of ‘Daughterboards’ in High-End Custom Keyboards

daughter board pcb

The world of high-end custom keyboards is fascinating, full of jargon and technicalities that can both excite and confuse users. One such term that users frequently encounter is ‘daughterboard’. Longtime tech aficionados, experienced in disassembling game consoles or building PCs, may already be familiar with this term. For newcomers, however, it could be an entirely … Read more