Akko Hall Effect Keyboards and Switches

akko keyboards switches magnetic

AKKO makes mechanical keyboards, switches keycaps and even mice. Like their competition they have started making Hall Effect magnetic keyboards and switches starting in 2023. I’m going to try to list all of their Hall Effect keyboards and point the differences between the switches. Akko Hall Effect Keyboards List Currently AKKO sells three main magnetic … Read more

DrunkDeer A75 Pro Keyboard Review

drunkdeera75pro review

I have recently covered the DrunkDeer G60 and now I have received A75 PRO from Drunkdeer. It’s an upgraded version of their bestselling A75 model which is basically a pretty great and cheap alternative to Wooting 60HE, but with bigger 75% layout. TLDR: DrunkDeer A75Pro is much heavier keyboard because it comes with a premium … Read more

Gateron Magnetic Switches Comparison: KS-20, KS-37B, Jade and Dual Rail

gateron hall effect switches

Gateron is manufacturer of keyboard switches and recently they have produced a lot of magnetic switches that are used in Hall Effect mechanical keyboards. I couldn’t not find any comparison of their magnetic switches, so I made one myself. They all also sound a little bit different. And the keyboard compatibility is different. Wooting 60HE+/80HE … Read more

Wooting 60HE+ vs 80HE

Wooting 60% vs 80%

What are the differences between Wooting 60HE+ and 80HE? 80HE is coming out in Q3 of 2024 so we don’t know everything yet, but we have some information available. This article and the specifications table is updated regularly. 60HE vs 80HE – what is different? Wooting 60HE+ Wooting 80HE Layout 60%, 61 keys ANSI or … Read more

Meletrix BOOG75 vs ZOOM75 HE Keyboards


Both the BOOG75 and ZOOM75 HE are premium mechanical keyboards featuring the innovative Gateron KS-37B magnetic hall effect switches. However, they have some key differences to consider and I will address them in this article. Meletrix BOOG75 and ZOOM75 HE specs and differences Both the BOOG75 and ZOOM75 HE are really heavy (3kg!) keyboards with … Read more

Akko MOD007B-HE Keyboard: Review

Akko MOD007B-HE review

Thanks to Akko I had the opportunity to review their newest Hall Effect keyboard: Akko MOD007B-HE early. It’s got quiet and linear magnetic switches. How good is it? Does it compare to Wooting? How’s the Rapid Trigger and the general feel of the keyboard? Look and Feel Right out of the box, this keyboard grabs … Read more

What is Dynamic Keystroke?

DKS on akko keyboard

Dynamic Keystroke (DKS) is a versatile feature allowing users to execute multiple (usually up to 4) actions with a single keystroke on their keyboard. Similar to macros but without full automation, DKS enables the setup of four different actions at four distinct positions on a keystroke. Which keyboards support Dynamic Keystroke? Currently only a few … Read more

DrunkDeer Antler Software

drunkdeer g60 software

If you’re using a DrunkDeer keyboard such as A75, G65 or G60 you should also use the DrunkDeer Antler Software which is a web based software to manage and config your keyboard. Let’s go over the features and settings you can change and save in the software. Rapid Trigger Mode What is Rapid Trigger mode? … Read more