CS GO keys Bitcoin bots – is this legit?

How to trade BTC for CSGO keys?

If you want to buy or sell CS:GO keys in exchange for Bitcoin then there are multiple ways to do that. You can use Steam account bots that offer this service or a website that sells or you trade skins and other Steam stuff, like OPSkins or Kinguin. The latter are usually pretty safe but might require some verification to be done. What about selling and buying Counter Strike Global Offensive keys via Steam bots?

There are a lot Steam bots that offer this service. It all comes to choosing the most reputable ones and within them the one that offers the best prices. Personally I have used a few of them and the transactions went fine. Unfortunately in the Q4 of 2017 the Bitcoin fees were very high because of high BTC network usage and trading low amount of keys wasn’t the best thing to do. But it’s pretty much anonymous and secure.

How BTC <-> CSGO keys bots work?

You add a bot to your Steam friends list and you start chatting with “him”. Everything is usually explained on the main bot page, the list of commands you can use to trade etc. There are commands like !sell and !buy where you enter the amount of keys that you wish to trade and the bot will calculate how much Bitcoins and the equivalent in USD you will receive or have to pay.

Which bots have I used and had a good experience and I can provide a good review for?

  • KeyVendor.net BTC keys Bot
  • Kubop’s BTC Keys Bot
  • Dusky BTC Keys Bot 24/7
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I have also used OPSkins and it went fine aswell, received BTC for selling my keys and buying was very simple, too.

Update: there are also some Ethereum to CSGO keys bots, so if you wish to trade CS:GO keys for ETH cryptocurrency, there’s this possibility. Much lower fees for now than with BTC.

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