Keyboard lube alternatives

This article aims to throw light on such viable alternatives to mechanical keyboard switch lube that aren’t typically marketed for that specific use but can still do the job. It is, however, crucial to clarify that these recommendations are not permanent solutions but rather alternatives to consider if specialized switch lubes are not immediately available or if one is not ready to commit to purchasing such products.

Viable Alternatives for Keyboard Switches Lube

  1. Vaseline – Vaseline, with its consistent texture and non-corrosive nature, may prove to be a worthy contender as a keyboard switch lubricant substitute.
  2. Paraffin Wax – Paraffin wax from unscented, white tealights could be an interesting option due to its non-spoiling, stable nature.
  3. Silicon Spray – Silicon sprays often used in home repairs, automotive applications, and even for waterproofing could be tried out.
  4. Bicycle Chain Grease/Oil – If it can withstand the friction and wear of a bike chain, it might just work for a keyboard switch.
  5. Workshop Lubricants – While not ideal due to possible volatile and residue-leaving tendencies (e.g., WD40), other non-volatile workshop lubricants could serve as temporary switch lubes.
  6. Cork Grease – A lubricant typically used for wind instruments like clarinets or saxophones, cork grease, could also serve as a keyboard lube alternative.
  7. Body Lubricants – Certain silicone-based personal lubricants could potentially function as keyboard lubes. However, it’s recommended to steer clear of water-based products that might evaporate or leave residues.

The Good, the Bad, and the Untried

Not all alternatives mentioned above are tried and tested. However, one user on Reddit did share a positive experience with cork grease on blue switches, which maintained their clickiness and reduced rattling.

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On the other hand, while canola oil might seem like a free and readily available option, its food-based nature could cause it to go rancid over time and potentially harm the keyboard switches or even the PCB.

Skin creams or lotions are also ill-advised due to their intended drying effect, which would likely cause gunking on your keyboard.

The takeaway here is: while there are various alternative lubricants that can be used in a pinch, their long-term effectiveness and safety for keyboard switches may vary greatly. Always proceed with caution when deviating from products specifically designed for keyboard switch lubrication. However, if you’re willing to experiment a bit, these alternatives might just be worth exploring.

Why Consider Specialized Keyboard Lube Kits

While the creative exploration of alternative keyboard lubes can be a fun and enlightening endeavor, if preserving the longevity and performance of your keyboard is a primary concern, it might be well worth considering investing in a specialized keyboard lube kit. These kits are specifically designed with the intricacies of keyboard mechanics in mind, and therefore they pose less risk of causing damage or unexpected issues over time.

Bestseller No. 1
Glorious G-Lube Switch for Mechanical Keyboard & Stabilizers, Plastic on Plastic, Plastic on Metal Lubricant, Compatible with Glorious, Cherry, Gateron, Kailh Type Mechanical Switches
  • Universal Keyboard Lube: Our premium G-Lube switch lubricant works excellent for plastic-on-metal and plastic-on-plastic contact points, which makes it the perfect universal mechanical keyboard switch and stabilizers’ Lube.
  • Ease of Use: G-Lube is neither too thick nor too thin, making it perfect for a wide range of mechanical keyboard switches. Clicky, linear or tactile switches – G-Lube has got it all covered, so you can use your favorite switch types without worrying about getting bunch of different lube kits. This is an all-in-one keyboard lubing solution in a vial.
  • Safety: This is a nonflammable and stable synthetic grease that works on a wide range of operating Temperature: -50 °C to 130 °C (-58°F to 266°F). The stable nature of our lube makes sure your stabilizer or switch plastic case, metal leaves, and stem won’t be damaged and can be operational for the long haul.
Bestseller No. 2
Keyboard Lube GPL 205g0 Switch Lube Grease for Mechanical Keyboard Cherry Gateron Switches Stabilizers
  • GPL 205G0- It weighs 0.42 oz. It can lubricate about 300 mechanical key switches.
  • PURPOSE- It suitable for lubricating mechanical keyboard switches, stabilizers, springs and other parts.
  • EFFECT-It can enhance the flexibility of the keyboard and improve your typing feel.
Bestseller No. 3
YIMAGUJRX RUNJRX Keyboard Lube Kit JRX 205G0 0.53oz/15g for Mechanical Keyboard switch Lube, Keyboard Tools with Keycap Puller,Switch Puller,Tweezers(6 Pcs)
  • 【KEYBOARD SWITCH LUBE】JRX 205G0 grease has high temperature stability, oxidative stability and good compatibility,Suitable for lubrication and maintenance of mechanical keyboard switchs and stabilizer.Enough to lubricate 450-500 switches.
  • 【KEYBOARD TOOL】Through our testing, we have found that the most practical and time-saving tools are the keycap puller and switch puller. These tools help you disassemble keyboard switches for subsequent lubrication work.
  • 【ALUMINUM PRECISION PARTS GRIPPER】4-Claw grabber can hold the stem, keep your hands clean while lubing.

Although the initial cost might seem steep, keep in mind that a single kit can typically service several keyboards and last for a considerable amount of time. These kits are readily available on platforms like Amazon, often ranging from $15 to $20. The investment not only ensures that your keyboard operates smoothly but also gives you peace of mind knowing you’re using a product designed and tested specifically for the task at hand. Plus, many of these kits come with handy tools, such as brushes and applicators, that make the lubing process more manageable.

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