How to check Steam card balance without redeeming it?

To check the balance of a Steam gift card without redeeming it, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Steam account
  2. Go to the View -> Settings -> Account -> View Account Settings -> Add funds to your Steam Wallet -> Redeem a Steam Gift Card or wallet code
  3. Enter the code from the Steam card and click “Continue”
  4. The balance of the card will be displayed on the next screen, along with the option to add it to your Steam Wallet.

You can also check your Steam Wallet balance by visiting the “Store” menu and selecting “View my Wallet.”

Note: If the Steam gift card you attempt to redeem is not in your currency, it will be automatically converted if redeemable in your region. Not all gift card currencies can be redeemed in all regions.

It’s worth noting that redeeming a Steam card will add the funds to your Steam Wallet, and you can use that balance to buy games, DLCs or other items on the Steam store.

How to check steam card balance without Steam account?

It is not possible to check the balance of a Steam card without an account. Steam cards are used to add funds to a Steam account, and the balance of the card is applied to the account balance once the card is redeemed. In order to redeem a Steam card and check the account balance, you will need to create a Steam account and log in to it.

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