PewDiePie recording software – Bandicam?

pewdiepie bandicam recording

PewDiePie famously uses Bandicam, not OBS as his recording software of choice – which was quite a bit of news for some people when he revealed that in one of his videos. What recording software does PewDiePie use? In this hilarious video another popular Youtuber – KSI caught PewDiePie at using Bandicam as his recording … Read more

Humble Choice – is it worth it? Opinion

humble monthly worth it

Humble Choice – what is it? Humble Bundle Choice (previously Humble Monthly) is a digital game delivery subscription that is done once a month directly into your inbox. Once you get a membership, which starts at $11.99 per month you can register on the humble bundle website to begin receiving your monthly PC games. You … Read more

How to check if Steam game is region locked?

steam check for region lock

If you are buying a game on Steam then you shouldn’t worry, it will work if you don’t change your region. But it can be different if you are buying Steam game from different source, from some unknown store. Well-known stores that sell games as Steam keys are Humble Bundle, Gamesplanet, 2Game or Fanatical. If … Read more

How to fix missing CS:S textures in GMod?

missing gmod

If you’re having purple (pink) or black meshes or error signs where players should be in Garry’s Mod then you’re missing Counter Strike: Source textures. You don’t need to own CS:S to fix this issue. Another solution to this issue with missing textures is to just buy the game of Counter Strike: Source and download … Read more