How to play game on a second monitor fullscreen?

The prices of monitors in recent years have fallen sharply and we often decide to buy a second monitor, sometimes bigger than the first, sometimes identical one. Also, laptop owners usually prefer to use a second monitor for many activities.

If you have two or more monitors that are connected to one computer, including for example a fullscreen game, this one will always run on the main, primary monitor. What to do if you want to play with a second monitor?

There are several solutions for playing games on the second monitor in dual-monitor setup to this problem, but none of them is perfect.

Change second monitor to primary

Click PPM (right mouse button) on the desktop and select Screen Resolution, then click on the second monitor and check the Set this display as primary. Now just click Apply or OK. Unfortunately, this has its disadvantages (for some advantages) – all icons from the desktop, toolbar, etc. will now be displayed on the second monitor.

Projector only mode

After starting the game, press the Windows button (next to Alt, usually on the left side) and the letter P simultaneously on your keyboard. A small window will appear where you can select Projector Only mode. The game will automatically move to the second monitor in full-screen mode, but the first monitor will be turned off.

Steam Big Picture

You can use Steam and Big Picture mode, and after it is activated in the Image settings select the second monitor from the drop-down list. From now on, all games that Steam and Big Picture mode will be in full-screen mode on the selected second monitor.

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If you have found another noteworthy way to solve this problem – write a comment and I will expand the article.

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