DualSense Edge will have replacement Hall Effect Sticks

The next-generation gaming experience has seen new heights with the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and its high-end DualSense Edge controller. Offering tactile immersion with its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, the PS5 controller is undoubtedly a leap towards the future of gaming. However, there has been growing conversation surrounding one particular feature that was expected but seemingly omitted from the controller – Hall effect sensors.

The Absence of Hall Effect Sensors in DualSense Edge

Hall effect sensors, used in joystick modules, offer several advantages over the traditional potentiometer-based sticks, including greater durability and increased accuracy. Their importance is not to be underestimated, particularly for an expensive piece of equipment like the DualSense Edge controller, where gamers are looking for longevity and precision in their gaming experience.

However, despite the hefty price tag, the PS5 DualSense Edge controller does not come equipped with Hall effect sensors. It comes with standard analog potentiometer ALPS sensors, which often cause significant stick drift after several months of use.

edge controller sensor
Replacing sticks isn’t difficult on DualSense Edge controller

This raised eyebrows and questions in the gaming community. Players have voiced their concerns, wondering why such an advanced controller lacks this significant feature, which would have considerably improved the device’s lifespan and gaming performance.

A Solution from Gulikit

Fortuitously, it seems the gap is soon to be bridged, thanks to the intervention of third-party hardware manufacturer Gulikit. The company, known for creating innovative gaming accessories, recently made an announcement on Twitter, indicating they are working on Hall effect module sensor stick replacements specifically for the DualSense Edge controller.

They stated, “Will do first for DualSense Edge because that is easier for its modular design.” The modular design of the PS5 controller simplifies the process of replacing the joystick modules, making it an excellent candidate for the introduction of the Hall effect sensor sticks as they have previously done with Joy Con Hall Effect replacements and also made their own Hall Effect controller – KingKong 2 Pro.

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